Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bed Bugs and Marriage Proposals

Hi family! The days just melt together and by the end of the day you don't even remember what happened so i hope this makes sense. So i decided to step up my journal game and last pday I bought gel pens at Tottus. Everyone loves the gel pens, I feel like I'm in third grade all over again but they make everything pretty so I dont care.  Oh, just letting you know I have a few marriage offers from some latinos so I may never return. Remember the kid that always said, "PAY ATTENTION". Yeah on the last night they were here, him and all is roommates told me they loved me hahaha. 

Anyway this week was hard. Wednesday and Thursday and Friday were all really difficult. Spanish is so hard. I can teach in Spanish I just can't understand it very well at all. Like me and hna Ps lessons consist of our fake investigator talking, her translating, and me teaching. She understands better and I speak better. Our teaching has actually gotten a ton better and our lessons have been going well. Wednesday night I was running to get in the showers because I didn't want to have to wait and I forgot my Hawaii sandals that I wear in the nasty showers and right when I stepped in the showers I remembered that line from She's The Man when Malcom says to Viola, "SHOWER SHOES MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES." haha I laughed to myself.  We also quote nacho libre because that's pretty much our lives. "Somtimes we just like to wear stretchy pants" and there are several elders here that are "cursed with diarrhea"...maybe you should take that out before you send this email to people. Thursday night they brought in letters which was really exciting because they keep mail for weeks at a time. Anyway, there were only two letters for my district and I knew it wasn't for me because I had already gotten a package and when I gave people my address I accidentally gave them my mission home address instead of the CCM address. So, they passed them out and one was for me!!! It was from Hermana Rush Sr.  She sent me a really nice and comforting letter and she also sent me her lucky plaque with a Dominican republic sticker on the back so I wear it on special days, aka today, because we we went to the temple. Her letter was a blessing for me. It was exactly what I needed. 

I would just like to let you all know that I survived my first earthquake. On Friday during class our classroom shook and we were all like, EARTHQUAKE. hna pulice got under her desk and goes, "I'm from California, I know what to do!!" hahah our teacher, hermano davalos, just told us it was the air conditioning.  We found out today it really was an earthquake, good thing I didn't die. Just thinking, if I had been running at the time I probably would have tipped over, imagine the injuries. Friday night our night teacher showed us a fireside by elder Holland that was given to all the mexico mission presidents about the atonement and it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. It was fantastic but It wasn't a broadcast so the only people that have it are the missionaries that were in the mission at the time. Our teacher told us he would give us a copy before we left the mtc so maybe I'll send it to you guys.  

Wednesday all the new missionaries were suppose to come but apparently there were more storms in Atlanta so they all showed up Sunday morning. I love the fresh meat, they are funny. There are 21 newbies.. 4 elders and 17 hermanas. Hermanas basically take over the CCM. The new latinos in our room are nice but it's just not the same. Maybe once we all get comfortable it'll be better.  I just miss all our old crazy latinos.  Oh, have you guys heard about Argentina???  Apparently they aren't sending missionaries there anymore. All the ones in the MTC and all the ones with calls are all getting reassigned, I heard, to south america countries.  Apparently their government is in close relations to Venezuela and Iran...I don't really know and I'm probably not suppose to be talking about it but whatever.  So anyway, I wonder where William Udall will get reassigned.  I have a few friends with calls there too so that should be interesting.  Maybe I'll get some friends reassigned to Peru!!!  That would be so fun. 

I realized this week that I'm so lucky to be in a warm mission on the beach speaking Spanish.  How did i get so lucky? I don't know.  Some of the hermanas in the CCM with me are going to Huanchayo mission up in the mountains and they have to take a 10 hour bus ride with oxygen masks because its at like 14,000 feet.  Ya, I get to go on a 30 minute car ride down the coast of Peru to get to my mission.  God knew I needed to be by a beach.  For real though it's a blessing. 

This past week I have been waking up with bug bites and I was convinced they were bed bugs. Like convinced!  I talked to President Gonzales' wife about it and she thinks there is just a mosquito living in my bed...hmmm, ya I don't know but I practically sleep in bug spray every night. It smells like I'm camping, lovely right? So presidente and hermana Gonzales are brand new. They got here the same day we did. They are from Columbia and they run a pretty tight ship.  President Gonzales is a chemical engineer and hermana Gonzales is a lawyer. Hermana Gonzales is sorta really scary but she's funny. When we thought I had bed bugs she told me to just switch beds before the new hermanas got there and let them deal with it hahaha. She's the best. 

On random days in the cafeteria they have ice cream cones and its the best ice cream in the world. They have fresh strawberry or passion fruit or mango.  It's literally the best ice cream ever! Today for pday we finally got to go to the temple!! It was good but it was so long. It took like 2.75 hours.  There were like only 4 peruvians in our session and one was a like an 80 year old man who was a human curious George. He was so small and probably the cutest old man I have ever seen and really looked like curious George. So after the temple we went to this grocery store and this other store like right next to it and bought the coolest stretchy pants. I'll probably never take them off.   

I'm half way done with the ccm and I'm kinda freaking out. Three weeks left.....I feel like I just got here. 50% of the way done with the CCM and 5% of the way done with my mission. It's going by WAY too fast. I'm so thankful to have this opportunity to serve and represent Christ. It's a pretty incredible thing that I get to represent Him. What an honor!  What I learned this week is: it's not intelligence that makes a great missionary, it's obedience.  Sometimes when I get discouraged about how far I have left to go with learning Spanish and becoming a great missionary I have to remember to stop and look back realize how far I've come. I love you guys so much and I hope you guys are doing well!! Three months till we get to skype!!! Love, Hermana Rush Jr.

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