Monday, May 11, 2015

Spidee Head


Seriously I LOVED talking to you guys yesterday!! It was just so much fun and it made me laugh. Everything we talked about was seriously just so dumb but it made me so happy. hahaha I love our family. When Madi popped up on skype it really threw me off because we look a lot more alike than i was thinking. I mean, I haven't seen her in 2 years and 2 months but I wasn't thinking we look THAT much a like. Weird! Anyway, Puppy said he had a question for me.....but he never asked it....??? what was it?? 

This past week we were walking and I felt something in my hair so I freaked out a little but nothing was there.......then my comp screams and starts hitting my head and she said it was a spider but that she killed it and by this time I was on the ground. So then we went to lunch and then to our house to study the language and I looked down at my spanish book and out fell the spider..AHHHHHHHH I almost died. Gross right?? 
I swear I take showers AND wash my hair. 

This week was good but it's always hard trying to adjust to a new comp and trying to get in a good pattern of teaching. BUT E. had his interview and got the priesthood yesterday!! wohooo. We are sooo happy. That means that he will be able to baptize V. and C. the first week of June. Yes, June.  I know it's a long time a way.......but that okay. Pray for them. Also, not a lot of people came to church yesterday because it was Mother's day (if you didn't know) and so that was a bummer. But we taught the Familia M. last night and they are progressing so well. It's just going to be hard to teach them because they work in Pisco (6 hours away) during the week. Bummer. But everyone else is progressing well.  But pray that we can put like 1000 baptismal dates this week because that's what we need. I LOVE YOU all SO MUCH! Thanks for supporting me so much. Nothing is better than being a missionary! 



Monday, May 4, 2015

New Companion Hermana Munoz

Hola hola hola....

I don't even remember what happened this week...hmmmmm

We had concilio de lideres and it was all about the Book of Mormon. It was so amazing. The book of Mormon is a testament of Jesus Christ and without it and Him we are nothing the church is nothing and nothing is true. BUT GOOD THING WE HAVE IT!! 

We found families this week and also other people that weren't families but that's okay. We are happy and Chorrillos is progressing so well. 

Well, my comp got transferred which was sad but good and now I am with Hermana Muñoz de Chile!! We finish together so I don't know what President is going to do with the area....either I have to leave next transfer, or we die (finish) together and he closes the area and puts elders in, or we train in a trio and leave the baby to direct the area when we die. We will see what happens!!! But she is already teaching me things. Last night she was telling me what she does to pray. As she is praying she writes in a notebook with a black pen and as she is writing, if a thought comes to her mind she writes that thought in red pen. She showed me her book and it's just full of all of her prayers in black and all the revelation she receives in red and it's amazing!! God speaks to us and a lot of times we don't even pay attention. I tried it last night and it was seriously amazing. God told me just a few little things that I need to do today that will make me a better missionary. 

Anyway, we taught a lot of new investigators this week and one was S. She is 18 and seriously so ready and so prepared. Also, M., we found her last night and put a baptism date with her. And sooo many others. The people we have been finding recently have sooo much faith and pretty much teach me in the lessons. 

sorry this letter is so boring and doesn't make a lot of sense. 

pics: me and hermana mendez 
me and hermana jimenez. 
sorry I look soo bad but we had to get up at like 4:30am for transfers. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Learning, Changing and becoming better

Happy 9 months till my birthday!!! Happy 3 months till my 1/2 birthday, aka the day i will see you guys. 

First off, I think that’s so dumb that you have my flight itinerary. Like what are they thinking?? 3 months is a long time. ni modo. I’m over it. 

So all the dirt mountains in Peru have a white Christ on the top so for pday we went to the top and took pics with Jesus. Also I discovered that the ocean is totally in my area. We were searching for a less active and we got to this really nice part of my area that I had never been to before with super nice apartments and the ocean was right there. Soooo pretty!! 

Anyway, this week was great. We had a Multizona with President and Hermana Douglas. Sadly, the last one before they finish their mission. wahhhh. I’m crying but I guess I will only be in the mission without them for 3 weeks so it doesn’t really make a difference. And I know that I have something to learn from the new President and his wife. Anyway, Hermana Douglas showed this video of a man who was forced to be a nazi soldier and after WW2 he got baptized and became a mission President. I can’t remember exactly what it said because I just cried the whole time.  But basically it said ¨whatever you do, do it well, do it with all your heart might and strength¨.  It’s so true. and it got me thinking if we are really taking advantage of every moment of our lives. Learning from every moment and changing. That’s what this life is about, learning and changing and becoming better. Repentance is all that God asks of us. 

Anyway, all of our baptisms are postponed to the first few weeks of May. Pray for V and C. They are progressing so well but just need a little more time. 

So as a mission we are suppose to find and teach 10 new investigators a week, which is really hard. Usually we get about 7 or sometimes when the week is good 10 or sometimes when the week is really bad (like last week) only 1. So this week we hadn’t found any new investigators and yesterday we were stressing so bad because it was Sunday and we hadn’t found any. But the grace came!!! And yesterday night we found 2 new families!! Such a miracle. they are great.  Pray that familia T and familia M progress. 

Anyway, this week is cambios and I’m pretty sure my comp is leaving. So sad, but it will be good. HAVE A GOOD WEEK! 

pics. me and hna nielsen and me and hna alvarez who is finishing her mission this week. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Grateful to learn

hola hola 

So I'll start with the positive things that happened this past week (they are few) 

Last monday we went to the Centro de Lima for P-day and when we showed up to our meeting spot Hermana Bailey was there!!! It turns out she was sick and in Lima for a couple of days to come to the doctor so we got to spend p-day together!!! Seriously it was a tender mercy. Anyway, it was really fun and we saw a cute old white mormon couple from Utah and talked to them for a while. That night we had the best lessons ever!! The spirit was so strong and we were just feeling on top of the world. We are teaching a family who are soooo great. Familia D.....their daughter who has 5 years name is C.

So the rest of the week just consisted of ALL of our citas falling through and just walking and walking and walking. It was bad. Also our baptism on Saturday fell through. She's 84 and she got chicken pocks or however you spell it so that was her excuse not to get baptized. It was really sad because she is SO ready. We think the Testigos de Jehovah are visiting her again. NOOOO. But we are still going to work with her. 

Saturday we had to do this activity where all the missionaries in our zone went to one area and they gave us lists of Menos activos and we just searched and taught allll day. But then we walked in and there were 2 white guys and their 10 year old sons with them. Turns out two Utah mormon dads brought their boys down the do a Humanitarian project in Peru and wanted to spend one day with the missionaries. So that was really fun to be able to talk to people from home. 

Anyway, I read a really good talk by Uchtorf this week about our journey here on earth. How is your journey going? Are you on the right course? Am I becoming the person that God designed me to become?? It made me think a lot about what God thinks of me. 

This week was a hard one. God was the teacher this week and I was the student. I learned so much and I was better able to see my weaknesses. It's always the harder weeks that you learn the most so I guess I am grateful!! 

Well I love you all.  Have the best week ever!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Lung infections, Diarrhea and Bed Rest

Hi family!!

This week consisted of: lung infections, fevers, diarhea, getting put on bed rest, one of our investigators falling in love with my comp, almost emergency changes and baptism interviews.

SUCH A GREAT WEEK!! Chorrillos is flourishing! 

So last Monday we went to the mall in Miraflores (the nicest city in peru) called Larcomar. It's built into the side of a mountain on the beach and seriously so pretty. You have to google it because I was just so amazed at how pretty it was. and then reality hit hard when we had to return to our area. haha. Anyway, I have officially seen all my favorite teachers from the CCM. Well almost. I have run into 4 of the 5!! I love them! 

So I have had a really bad cough for about three weeks and I was talking on the phone with President this past week and he heard it and made me go to the doctor. So I went to the doctor and I have a lung infection and he gave me like 1000 pills to take (ok so maybe only 4 but 4 every day is a lot) but then the fever started and stomach infection and diarrhea so they made us stay in one afternoon. bleh. But I'm good!!  I still have to cough but now it's just coughing up the green flem. Gross I know hahaha

Remember A?? My contact in the street in Mala who the Elders baptized?? So his family lives here in Chorrillos and he is working and living here for a little and he comes to my ward!!!! We walked into sacrament last week and I was like, HOOOOLLLLLLA!!!! and he was really excited too. So that was a happy reunion. 

Also remember D.P.?? She is the older sister of Jy (convert from Ayacucho) who couldn't get baptized because she wasn't married. WELL, I just found out that she left her boyfriend and got baptized last month!!!! Seriously, I can't tell you how much time we spent teaching her and her little sister and how sad she was because she couldn't be baptized with her sister. I"M SO HAPPY!! ahhh. 

The love you feel for the people you have taught is incredible. The happiness that this Gospel brings is amazing!! The church is perfect! 

A quote that I love by President Monson is: Everyone has their fears, but those who face their fears with faith, have courage as well.

Isn't that so pretty? Be Courageous.

I love you all! have a great week!

Hermana Rush

p.s. 1 month till we skype!!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy General Conference Week

Hola hola familia. 

Happy General Conference Week. 

Happy April. 

Happy summer is almost over in Peru. 

and Happy 14 months to me!!! 
(where did the 14 months go?? dying/crying. Time goes by 
too fast) 

So anyway, I don't know if I told you but I'm here in Chorrillos Lima and my comp is Hermana Jimenez. We have to same time in the mission. Also I took Hermana Turley's (cousin's cousin) spot here and so everyone we visit asks where Hna Turley went (clearly she was well loved here). We lived with 2 other hermanas but they finally found a house in their area and moved out...which was kinda sad. Nothing like living with 3 latinas, it was a party. 

Our area is all military housing and just apartments and apartments of military families. I like it because it's just families everywhere and everyone is married because you have to be married if you are in the military you can't just live with your pareja (like the rest of this country). 

The other day we contacted this man in the street and he took us into his house to teach his daughter who was in a wheelchair. And we look at the wheelchair and on the back is says La Iglesia de JesuCrist de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias!! The church donates wheelchairs to the military. That was a good introduction to the church for them. 

This week we contacted more people in one week than my entire mission I'm pretty sure and guess what??? This week I have gotten rejected more times than in my entire mission I'm pretty sure. But you know what? It's okay because at least I did my part and no one can say that we didn't try. 

Yesterday we were walking and I saw this lady that just looked really scary and really mean and of course I knew I had to contact her so I did and she ended up being the nicest lady ever and we are visiting her this week. Moral of the story. Don't judge a book by its cover and ALWAYS FOLLOW THE SPIRIT. 

Well, a lot of great things are happening here in this area. We are working hard. LOVE YOU ALL!
Hermana Rush

Monday, March 23, 2015

Repent Every Day


so the space bar doesn't work and its bugging  the heck outta  me so sorry for the errors. 

I HAD TRANSFERS!!! which I wasn't expecting at all (or wanting at all) but that's okay.  I got transferred within lima but to another  zone. It's super pretty and really close to t he beach so the night wind is what's keeping us from dying from the humidity. Anyway, My comp is  Hermana J. from  Vera Cruz, Mexico. We finish the m ission together and we are both Hermana Liders so   it's been really fun. We just work and teach really well together. 

I'm going to confess something. So I don't really get along with the assistants which I know is really bad but I just don't. It's not like we fight, I just don't like them as much as others.  Anyway, God totally chastised me because we share an area and ward with the assistants and the area has no limits dividing us so it's just a free for all/competition. AHHHH. but I know I'm here to learn from them and with them and learn to love them. It's just really hard to love elders sometimes. AHHHH. But I'm trying. 

Anyway, this past week the 70 Elder Waddell came and it was amazing.  He taught us soooo much. So hna bailey and I went back to our area   so  animated to work. Sunday (my last day in san juan) we found 2 families that are so ready and SO chosen and I was secretly crying inside because of course I would be transferred    right when things start picking up. 

Anyway, quick story bc i gotta go.  I got in my new area yesterday and we went to visit  this Less active and we got to her house and there was a sign on the door saying VIEWING and it gave directions. Apparently her son died of cancer that day and so we ran to t he viewing and saw this poor little 4 year old dead. It was horrible. But so thankful for the plan of slavacion and for the atonement of Jesus Christ. Christ is our rock!  Repent every day so we can create eternal families. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!  Hermana Rush