Monday, May 11, 2015

Spidee Head


Seriously I LOVED talking to you guys yesterday!! It was just so much fun and it made me laugh. Everything we talked about was seriously just so dumb but it made me so happy. hahaha I love our family. When Madi popped up on skype it really threw me off because we look a lot more alike than i was thinking. I mean, I haven't seen her in 2 years and 2 months but I wasn't thinking we look THAT much a like. Weird! Anyway, Puppy said he had a question for me.....but he never asked it....??? what was it?? 

This past week we were walking and I felt something in my hair so I freaked out a little but nothing was there.......then my comp screams and starts hitting my head and she said it was a spider but that she killed it and by this time I was on the ground. So then we went to lunch and then to our house to study the language and I looked down at my spanish book and out fell the spider..AHHHHHHHH I almost died. Gross right?? 
I swear I take showers AND wash my hair. 

This week was good but it's always hard trying to adjust to a new comp and trying to get in a good pattern of teaching. BUT E. had his interview and got the priesthood yesterday!! wohooo. We are sooo happy. That means that he will be able to baptize V. and C. the first week of June. Yes, June.  I know it's a long time a way.......but that okay. Pray for them. Also, not a lot of people came to church yesterday because it was Mother's day (if you didn't know) and so that was a bummer. But we taught the Familia M. last night and they are progressing so well. It's just going to be hard to teach them because they work in Pisco (6 hours away) during the week. Bummer. But everyone else is progressing well.  But pray that we can put like 1000 baptismal dates this week because that's what we need. I LOVE YOU all SO MUCH! Thanks for supporting me so much. Nothing is better than being a missionary! 



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