Monday, May 4, 2015

New Companion Hermana Munoz

Hola hola hola....

I don't even remember what happened this week...hmmmmm

We had concilio de lideres and it was all about the Book of Mormon. It was so amazing. The book of Mormon is a testament of Jesus Christ and without it and Him we are nothing the church is nothing and nothing is true. BUT GOOD THING WE HAVE IT!! 

We found families this week and also other people that weren't families but that's okay. We are happy and Chorrillos is progressing so well. 

Well, my comp got transferred which was sad but good and now I am with Hermana Muñoz de Chile!! We finish together so I don't know what President is going to do with the area....either I have to leave next transfer, or we die (finish) together and he closes the area and puts elders in, or we train in a trio and leave the baby to direct the area when we die. We will see what happens!!! But she is already teaching me things. Last night she was telling me what she does to pray. As she is praying she writes in a notebook with a black pen and as she is writing, if a thought comes to her mind she writes that thought in red pen. She showed me her book and it's just full of all of her prayers in black and all the revelation she receives in red and it's amazing!! God speaks to us and a lot of times we don't even pay attention. I tried it last night and it was seriously amazing. God told me just a few little things that I need to do today that will make me a better missionary. 

Anyway, we taught a lot of new investigators this week and one was S. She is 18 and seriously so ready and so prepared. Also, M., we found her last night and put a baptism date with her. And sooo many others. The people we have been finding recently have sooo much faith and pretty much teach me in the lessons. 

sorry this letter is so boring and doesn't make a lot of sense. 

pics: me and hermana mendez 
me and hermana jimenez. 
sorry I look soo bad but we had to get up at like 4:30am for transfers. 

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