Monday, April 27, 2015

Learning, Changing and becoming better

Happy 9 months till my birthday!!! Happy 3 months till my 1/2 birthday, aka the day i will see you guys. 

First off, I think that’s so dumb that you have my flight itinerary. Like what are they thinking?? 3 months is a long time. ni modo. I’m over it. 

So all the dirt mountains in Peru have a white Christ on the top so for pday we went to the top and took pics with Jesus. Also I discovered that the ocean is totally in my area. We were searching for a less active and we got to this really nice part of my area that I had never been to before with super nice apartments and the ocean was right there. Soooo pretty!! 

Anyway, this week was great. We had a Multizona with President and Hermana Douglas. Sadly, the last one before they finish their mission. wahhhh. I’m crying but I guess I will only be in the mission without them for 3 weeks so it doesn’t really make a difference. And I know that I have something to learn from the new President and his wife. Anyway, Hermana Douglas showed this video of a man who was forced to be a nazi soldier and after WW2 he got baptized and became a mission President. I can’t remember exactly what it said because I just cried the whole time.  But basically it said ¨whatever you do, do it well, do it with all your heart might and strength¨.  It’s so true. and it got me thinking if we are really taking advantage of every moment of our lives. Learning from every moment and changing. That’s what this life is about, learning and changing and becoming better. Repentance is all that God asks of us. 

Anyway, all of our baptisms are postponed to the first few weeks of May. Pray for V and C. They are progressing so well but just need a little more time. 

So as a mission we are suppose to find and teach 10 new investigators a week, which is really hard. Usually we get about 7 or sometimes when the week is good 10 or sometimes when the week is really bad (like last week) only 1. So this week we hadn’t found any new investigators and yesterday we were stressing so bad because it was Sunday and we hadn’t found any. But the grace came!!! And yesterday night we found 2 new families!! Such a miracle. they are great.  Pray that familia T and familia M progress. 

Anyway, this week is cambios and I’m pretty sure my comp is leaving. So sad, but it will be good. HAVE A GOOD WEEK! 

pics. me and hna nielsen and me and hna alvarez who is finishing her mission this week. 

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