Monday, April 20, 2015

Grateful to learn

hola hola 

So I'll start with the positive things that happened this past week (they are few) 

Last monday we went to the Centro de Lima for P-day and when we showed up to our meeting spot Hermana Bailey was there!!! It turns out she was sick and in Lima for a couple of days to come to the doctor so we got to spend p-day together!!! Seriously it was a tender mercy. Anyway, it was really fun and we saw a cute old white mormon couple from Utah and talked to them for a while. That night we had the best lessons ever!! The spirit was so strong and we were just feeling on top of the world. We are teaching a family who are soooo great. Familia D.....their daughter who has 5 years name is C.

So the rest of the week just consisted of ALL of our citas falling through and just walking and walking and walking. It was bad. Also our baptism on Saturday fell through. She's 84 and she got chicken pocks or however you spell it so that was her excuse not to get baptized. It was really sad because she is SO ready. We think the Testigos de Jehovah are visiting her again. NOOOO. But we are still going to work with her. 

Saturday we had to do this activity where all the missionaries in our zone went to one area and they gave us lists of Menos activos and we just searched and taught allll day. But then we walked in and there were 2 white guys and their 10 year old sons with them. Turns out two Utah mormon dads brought their boys down the do a Humanitarian project in Peru and wanted to spend one day with the missionaries. So that was really fun to be able to talk to people from home. 

Anyway, I read a really good talk by Uchtorf this week about our journey here on earth. How is your journey going? Are you on the right course? Am I becoming the person that God designed me to become?? It made me think a lot about what God thinks of me. 

This week was a hard one. God was the teacher this week and I was the student. I learned so much and I was better able to see my weaknesses. It's always the harder weeks that you learn the most so I guess I am grateful!! 

Well I love you all.  Have the best week ever!!!!

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