Monday, April 13, 2015

Lung infections, Diarrhea and Bed Rest

Hi family!!

This week consisted of: lung infections, fevers, diarhea, getting put on bed rest, one of our investigators falling in love with my comp, almost emergency changes and baptism interviews.

SUCH A GREAT WEEK!! Chorrillos is flourishing! 

So last Monday we went to the mall in Miraflores (the nicest city in peru) called Larcomar. It's built into the side of a mountain on the beach and seriously so pretty. You have to google it because I was just so amazed at how pretty it was. and then reality hit hard when we had to return to our area. haha. Anyway, I have officially seen all my favorite teachers from the CCM. Well almost. I have run into 4 of the 5!! I love them! 

So I have had a really bad cough for about three weeks and I was talking on the phone with President this past week and he heard it and made me go to the doctor. So I went to the doctor and I have a lung infection and he gave me like 1000 pills to take (ok so maybe only 4 but 4 every day is a lot) but then the fever started and stomach infection and diarrhea so they made us stay in one afternoon. bleh. But I'm good!!  I still have to cough but now it's just coughing up the green flem. Gross I know hahaha

Remember A?? My contact in the street in Mala who the Elders baptized?? So his family lives here in Chorrillos and he is working and living here for a little and he comes to my ward!!!! We walked into sacrament last week and I was like, HOOOOLLLLLLA!!!! and he was really excited too. So that was a happy reunion. 

Also remember D.P.?? She is the older sister of Jy (convert from Ayacucho) who couldn't get baptized because she wasn't married. WELL, I just found out that she left her boyfriend and got baptized last month!!!! Seriously, I can't tell you how much time we spent teaching her and her little sister and how sad she was because she couldn't be baptized with her sister. I"M SO HAPPY!! ahhh. 

The love you feel for the people you have taught is incredible. The happiness that this Gospel brings is amazing!! The church is perfect! 

A quote that I love by President Monson is: Everyone has their fears, but those who face their fears with faith, have courage as well.

Isn't that so pretty? Be Courageous.

I love you all! have a great week!

Hermana Rush

p.s. 1 month till we skype!!

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