Monday, March 23, 2015

Repent Every Day


so the space bar doesn't work and its bugging  the heck outta  me so sorry for the errors. 

I HAD TRANSFERS!!! which I wasn't expecting at all (or wanting at all) but that's okay.  I got transferred within lima but to another  zone. It's super pretty and really close to t he beach so the night wind is what's keeping us from dying from the humidity. Anyway, My comp is  Hermana J. from  Vera Cruz, Mexico. We finish the m ission together and we are both Hermana Liders so   it's been really fun. We just work and teach really well together. 

I'm going to confess something. So I don't really get along with the assistants which I know is really bad but I just don't. It's not like we fight, I just don't like them as much as others.  Anyway, God totally chastised me because we share an area and ward with the assistants and the area has no limits dividing us so it's just a free for all/competition. AHHHH. but I know I'm here to learn from them and with them and learn to love them. It's just really hard to love elders sometimes. AHHHH. But I'm trying. 

Anyway, this past week the 70 Elder Waddell came and it was amazing.  He taught us soooo much. So hna bailey and I went back to our area   so  animated to work. Sunday (my last day in san juan) we found 2 families that are so ready and SO chosen and I was secretly crying inside because of course I would be transferred    right when things start picking up. 

Anyway, quick story bc i gotta go.  I got in my new area yesterday and we went to visit  this Less active and we got to her house and there was a sign on the door saying VIEWING and it gave directions. Apparently her son died of cancer that day and so we ran to t he viewing and saw this poor little 4 year old dead. It was horrible. But so thankful for the plan of slavacion and for the atonement of Jesus Christ. Christ is our rock!  Repent every day so we can create eternal families. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!  Hermana Rush

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