Monday, March 16, 2015

Goals and Plans

Hi Peoples,

This week was insane....just so much to do

We went to the temple twice. With F. (cr), O. (cr) and J. (resc). So all Thursday and in the morning Saturday we were waiting outside the temple. They all had a great experience though so we were really happy. 

This week I was doing an intercambio with Hna Haupt de San Diego and we just had so much fun together. But anyway, while we were out teaching I just felt the need to go by and visit this lady in our ward who is less active that has cancer who NEVER lets us in. So I was like "welp, lets go and get rejected." But we went and didn't get rejected!!! She let us in and it actually went really well. 

So the other day we were just walking down the street and this lady stops us and asks us to come and visit her family and we were like, YAYYYY!!! So we got her directions and phone number and set a lesson with her. The next day we were supposed to have the lesson but we didn't have very much time and she lives far but I just felt like we needed to go. So we went to her apartment and nobody was there and I was just standing there thinking, "we didn't come for nothing. God wouldn't have sent us all the way over here for nothing".  And right then this lady peaks her head out of the next apartment over and said "are you guys from the church of Jesus Christ??"  She got all excited and it turns out that  she has been less active for like 15 years.  So we went and taught her and she was so great. We still haven't found the family yet but I know we will. 

Saturday was CRAZY! We went to the temple in the morning and then ran to a training and interview with president  that was in our church building and then we had to hurry and get stuff ready for Z's baptism and then we had to hurry and go to a few appointments and then hurry back to the church because we had stake conference evening session. Such a crazy but very fulfilling day!! Z. was sooo happy!! 

Well, President taught us about goals this week and it got me thinking. because goals are nothing without plans. Plans are everything, and if we don't have plans to meet our goals then nothing will ever happen. Just like my whole life before the mission. I mean I always set goals but I was never committed to meeting them enough to make plans. I don't know, it all just clicked for me. And if we do everything we can and we don't meet our goals, it's okay. It's not Failure if we don't meet our goals.  It's a failure if we ¨cuidar¨ (quit) our goals....translating it into English doesn't make sense but I hope you understand. If we live life without goals we won't progress, which is the whole reason why we are on this earth. 
Sorry for my rant. Love you guys! Hermana Rush

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