Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week Two

Hi family! So as I was looking back at my journal entries this past week all of them unintentionally started started this week has been interesting. Hahaha that's exactly what this week has been. Last p-day after I finished emailing, the north Americans played ultimate football and it was so much fun. That night sister De Leon went home. She hurt her back some how and it was super painful so she went home and that was sad.  Wednesday the Lord decided that I was having too much fun and that my mtc experience was too good to be true and they made me switch districts. They gave me sister De Leon's old companion and made me switch to district 109. I was pretty devastated because that's who you spend like 100% of of your time with. Anyway, we may have shed a tear or two but I am only one room away so I will survive. 

That night I moved into my new room with hna Ps who is my new companion and the Latinos are sooooo funny. The funniest one is hna Rz and she is the loudest funniest Latino I have ever met. The next day I went into the new district and they decorated the board for me and wrote me a card so that was nice. Thursday hna Ps and I taught a lesson to our fake investigator and it was pretty awful because we had never taught together and it was kinda depressing but that's ok. Thursday night I taught all the Latinos in my room to say, I love Justin Bieber and it was hilarious. They all say it like, "I luf shustin bieber". Hahaha oh my gosh it was so funny. 

Friday morning we had to get up super early and go to the immigration office. We saw two elders there that are in elder McAllisters district and that were in the mtc with elder Brimhall and know elder Kendall Brown and hna haley Brown so that was fun! I think his name was elder Brimley.  Saturday was a big day. We all went contacting in the Lima north mission.   We went on the hottest bus on earth and drove in the worst traffic in the world but after two hours we finally made it.  We were all paired with Latinos and a member from the ward that we were contacting in. We got there and I realized I can barely understand Spanish. So the 60 year old ward lady that reminded me so much of grandma took us through this super ghetto neighborhood and we finally ended up in a meat market and taught this less active a quick lesson while she was swatting the flies off of her meat.  Then we taught another menos activo in his store but the bars were separating us and we had to slip him folletos in between the bars haha.  Then we went to teach this lady and asked this 15 year old girl for directions and ended up teaching her. She's not lds and we taught her a whole lesson and she seemed really interested. Then we ended up doing the same thing with another man who was like 50 and he was really excited to hear about the church so both those were really cool. We taught another less active real quick and then headed back to the bus. 2 investigators and 3 less actives, so we were pretty happy. Oh and when I say we taught, I actually mean hna Garcia taught and I prayed and bore my testimony and tried to figure out what was going on.  It was quite a humbling experience because we were in a sort of rich area and it was still so poor. Like cement houses with bars covering the windows. 

Sunday was awesome because it was all mostly in English and it was just amazing. The branch president spoke about receiving revelation and it was awesome. Then the intermediate group sang "God be with you till we meet again" to the advance group who left today and everyone was bawling.  That night we sang it to all the Latinos and they were all bawling too. There are a couple Latinos boys that always point to their heads and say pay attention when they see me.....I don't know why but it has just become a thing and now the whole ccm says it.  I love the latinos so much!! 

Monday was horrible.  Learning Spanish was just really hard and the teachers noticed that hna Peters and I were struggling.  There's this one hna in our district that is really good at Spanish and knows everything.  The teacher pulled us out and asked how we were feeling and we both just cried because they didn't really understand what we were saying but the whole class is struggling. Oh well, it's all good, Hopefully it will get better.  Last night was a lot better except we had to say goodbye to all the Latinos.  Hna Rz always says, sister Rush es crazzzy, and yells it every time she sees me hahaha, she is hilarious. I miss her so much. They left at 5:15 this morning so we all got up and said bye to them. It's just us norte americanos in the ccm until Thursday morning when more people come in. 

Today we went out and just went to the grocery store and shopped.  I love going out! Peru is the best- like when the bus we were in today hits a car and we just kept driving haha or when you are contacting in the ugliest neighbor and you turn the corner and see the most beautiful sun flowers in a random garden in front of someone's house or when you are still contacting and see a field of llamas hahaha.  Peru is the best. Everyone is so accepting here and they love everyone. I wouldn't want to be anywhere but here. This week has been eye opening and humbling to say the least, hard but fulfilling. I love you guys so so so much. Thanks for being the best family in the entire world. Practically at some point everyday I think of Madi and wonder what she is doing. When I'm praying at night at like 10:30 I imagine Madi doing the same exact thing just in the DR since she and I are in the same time zone. It makes this a whole lot easier that we are doing it together. Everyday I better understand true happiness and why we are here. There is only one thing you can give to God and it is your will, so give it all to him. I love you guys, have a great week!
xoxo, hermana rush 

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