Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Hola my famlia! How are you guys doing?  Sorry for barely any punctuation but I can't figure out how to use this key board.  So the ccm is beautiful and I absolutely love it.  Like, it really is the best.  All the pictures online of it are so accurate.  It's beautiful not to mention the fantastic weather. We go outside every chance we get.
This Pic made me cry in the Walmart parking lot, A. because she looks so happy and B. because it's proof that she is not just away at school for a couple of months.
So lets start with Wednesday. I got into Atlanta at like 10:45 am and I just sat for hours waiting for everyone. There was no one there except one guy. He came and talked to me and his name was Hector....I think...maybe Victor I can't remember. So anyway he was from Peru but had lived in Nevada for 15 years being a car mechanic. He was going back to a Peru for a two week visit. anyway, he asked what I was doing and I told him about a mission. He told me that in November some missionaries came to his house and gave him a pass a long card but he got so busy at his mechanic shop thingy and lost the card and couldn't find it to get a hold of them. So I pulled out a pass along card (The travel office sent one with her itinerary) and gave it to him and wrote my email on it. He was so nice and said he would try and get in contact with the missionaries when he got home. It was really cool just to see how many missionary experiences you can have from just being in the right place at the right time. So anyway, everyone started getting there around 4 and sister Palmer came and we went and got food. She let everyone use her phone, so email and tell her thank you for me. I didn't have chance to say goodbye and thank you. The flight got delayed until 11 pm so I was at that airport for like twelve hours. the flight was awesome because I had two seats to myself and I just slept for a few hours. So we got in at like 6am on Thursday and got the the ccm at like 730 am and then had to go straight to orientation and start the day. All of us just wanted to eat and shower and sleep but we didn't get to until like 1pm and they let us sleep for like an hour. It was a hard day because we couldn't understand anything and it was  all in Spanish and we were so tired, but it was good. 
Savanna's companions
My companions are Hermana Bd and Hermana Mts and they are both from Utah. they are so so nice. The other hnas in my district are awesome too. I love them so much. They are hna bt and hna by, hna sh and hna Tr.  Hermana Bt and I get along so well and we are super close. When I send pics she's the one with brown hair idk kinda looks like me, well not really but whatever. Anyway the guys in our district are awesome too. elderLs and Hn. Tons of others came with us too and I love them all too I just don't have time to write their names.
Friday we started learning Spanish and I can understand a lot but there's a lot I can't too. During p.e. time I made hermana Bt do a hand stand with me and she fell and hurt her knee. hahaha I felt so bad but it was so funny.  That night the elders in our district gave her a blessing and that was really, really cool.  Her knee is fine now. We are doing a Book Of Mormon challenge.  If we read 28 pages a day we'll finish by the time we are out of the cccm. So far so good.  We are almost already done with second nefi (nephi) and we started like 5 days ago.  
Saturday was same. Classes all day and pe time around 3.  In our p.e. there are  mostly north Amer. girls and latino boys. They made us play soccer with them. It was so fun but they are so good. That day we had to start our fast so we had no water after lunch and we were dying.  Sunday was fast and testimony meeting. Our branch is all English and it was awesome. I loved it. A member of the bishopbric is friends with the Palmers and brought my package and I loved it!!!!!!!!! thank you so so so much!  Everyone asked how I wasn't crying but idk I love you guys so much but I love it here so much that I just haven't gotten homesick.  (It had letters from all of us and a photo book we made and , of course, tons of treats)
She has a testimony of coke too!
At dinner they had these sugar roles and they were delicious. Oh, the food is so good, lots of rice, carne asada, chicken. It's delicious except it makes everyone constipated so everyone counts days to see how long it has been since they went #
2 hahaha.  Monday we had classes and then at one we had to go to the immigration place and do visa stuff.  It took forever but it was so fun to see the city. All 30 of us greenies went and then these lds guys that were helping us took us across the street and got us inca colas. I thought they were so good but no one else really like them hahaha anyway. They had caffeine in them and I was so hyper. We didn't get home until like 7:45pm ugh. It was a long day. 
Today is p-day!!! I love it. We went into the city on the crazy buses and went to the store across the street from the temple and it was cool.  The temple is closed for like two weeks so we'll get to go soon.  Anyway we went to Totus which is like Walmart and it was like heaven. I got coke!!! And it was like 30 cents!!! It was awesome. then we came back and took a nap and now we are emailing and then we are going to play some games with everyone. we have a really sweet fake grass soccer field. It's super legit. Other things. I'm going to try to upload pictures but we'll see if we have time. My feet are so swollen like an elephant. hahaha. The bathrooms are so nice and the showers are hot! And we learned how to pray and bear our testimonies in Spanish so that's pretty cool.  We have actually learned so much Spanish and so much just other things gospel related. I seriously love it here so much. Hermana Bt and I always just talk about how we wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I love you guys so so so much. Sorry this is so scattered, so much to say and so little time. Tell everyone I love them too. Hope you guys are doing well, don't worry about me, I'm fantastic!! Oh and there are only like 70 missionaries in this mtc so we all know each other really well. Half Norte americanos and half latinos. Ok well, times up. Love you guys, talk to you next week!
Hermana Rush jr. 

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