Monday, September 15, 2014

Miracle Friday

Hi family! So I should probably tell you about my comps. So Hermana Zarate is
from Chile and she has 17.5 months in the mission but she extended so she
doesn't leave till the end of October. She is like the girl assistant to
president or something like that. Everyone knows that she's like the best
hna in the mission so I'm really lucky to be with her and learning from her.
My other comp is hna alvarez from mexico. she has 9 months in the mission.
Hermanas Alvarez, Zarate and Rush
This pàst week we did a lot of travelling. Tuesday night we found out hna aAvarez had to go to the office for immigration because she is still illegal here so that night we went to Lima and there were no hotels to stay bc they were all full so we got to stay with the elderly couple that works in the mission office! The Lunts! Two other hnas stayed there with us and 
church parking lot

Room with a view
the best part is is that they had hot water and it was powerful. Pretty
sure that's the cleanest my hair has been my whole mission. Also we had
french toast for breakfast and it was amazing. The lunts asked me
where I'm from and I said arizona and they both screamed, what part??? Ya,
they live on Lindsay and southern. Funny right? Wednesday night we
came back and Thursday morning we left for Chincha for a multizona with
president! As usual it was amazing and I learned so much. So we didn't start
working in our area until like Friday. But Friday I like to call miracle
Friday. It was just  a normal Friday but in three lessons in a row miracles
happened. Our first lesson our investigator, Y., said that she knows the book of
Mormon is true because she always sees her mom reading and it has changed
her familie's life through her mom.  And that she knows she needs to be
baptized by someone who has the priesthood. That was our first lesson we
have ever had with Y. Then we had another lesson with our inves. R.
who's been investigating for a long time but isn't baptized because she's not
married and she said that her husband came up to her and said that they
could get married so she can get baptized. And the third, our new
investigator told us that she feels so much peace when she reads and when
we are in her house and then we read a scripture about what the spirit
feels like and she starting crying and said she knows it' true. We had more
lessons that day that were so great too but those three things stuck out to
me big. What a blessing it was to be a part of those lessons. The spirit was
so strong and undeniable. It was amazing. Great things are happening in
this area.
We found out this week that the weekend of general conference is the same day as
elections here so nothing will be broadcast-ed and we can't even go to church
because it's illegal to meet in big groups. So we will be watching gc the
next week and who knows if it will be in English. But anyway, I finished
the book of Mormon in Spanish
Savanna's Favorite Place

 yesterday.  Finally! And today I started again.

Now that I understand what's going on in Spanish I'll be able to actually study it.
haha. Ok, well I love you all. Have a great week!

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