Monday, September 8, 2014

Freezing Just Like Arizona

Happy Monday!! Wohoo. So it is freezing here. Like so freezing, and sometimes I think I'm going to die but I'm still alive so that's good I guess. Like, it's colder here than Arizona winters...which I think are pretty cold. But it's not just cold morning and night, it's like allll day long and actually I think it's colder during the day and the sun is like neverrrr out. But that's ok because in like 2 months it will be summer! Oh, and we don't have hot water. Showers in the mornings are seriously freezing cold and now I'm a little sick and have a cold and a fever I think but I'm in Peru so you just take ibuprofen and get over it. 

Anyway, my area, Mala, is an hour away from the rest of our zone in Cañete so every Tuesday for district meetings we go an hour to cañete and an hour back. And last week we had to do it twice. But its kinda nice because we just sleep! Oh and did I tell you that I'm in the same zone as hna del rosario (her first companion/trainer) Ya, she's the best! So last week I had an intercombio with hna Saucedo who is the comp of hna Del Rosario. She is the best and we had a lot of fun.  Their apartment is sooo nice.  Their door has a touch screen lock thingy and they have a camera in their house so you can see who's at the door.  But better than anything, they have hot I took advantage of that! 

This week president made a new way to do weekly planning (which I already dislike because it takes like 3 hours) but the new way to do it took 5 hours and I wanted to die. But I think it will make this week a lot easier so I think it's inspired. Saturday we taught this couple that I had never met before and at the end of the lesson the dad looked at us and was just like, "how can I be a better dad and husband?"   It was tender.  He just wants to be such a good father for his family and I'm just like...start by going to church, because they never come. But a family that is centered in Christ is going to have a lot less problems than 99 percent of the world. I love 2 nefi 25:26 that just says everything we do should be centered in Christ. It's so true. 

We had the chance to teach 4 families about the priesthood this week because we are preparing like 4 men to receive the Melchizedek  priesthood. All I can say is that I love the priesthood and without it on the earth we would be so lost. The fact that dad (and soon Davis too) will have a piece of the power that God has is absolutely incredible. It really is. Anyway, just out here in Peru teaching lots of lessons and preparing people to be baptized. Looks like we will have a lot of baptisms the 20th of S
ept. and we are so excited. love you all! Hermana Savanna Rush
p.s. my area is really poor and the smell in generally every house in urine. 

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  1. hola hermana rush soy armando,la saludo desde mala,que penita que ya no este en mala hoy recien me entere,gracias por llevarme a cañete ese domingo y por obsequiarme el libro del mormon,lamento no poder agradecertelo en persona.espero que estemos en contacto hermana rush.saludos.bye.