Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Filled With Love

Well another week gone and I love Mala.  I guess every area has it's ups and downs but its awesome here. I think the thing I love the most is that every morning I wake up and we walk outside and can see the ocean and I think the thing I hate the most is that my area is just hills of sand. Like beach sand which is SO hard to walk in. And, you cant use the whole the wise man build his house on a rock here because literally everyone's houses are built on sand and do fall apart in the rain so its kinda a touchy subject. 

Last week after emailing and eating and stuff Hna Zarate looks at me and was like, "I know you love the beach. Wanna go to the beach?" YESSSSSSS. So we went to the beach. It was seriously the best day ever. Hermana Zarate and I just sat and stared at the ocean for like 30 minutes while our other comp...hna alvarez chased birds around. It's an interesting companionship to say the least but I'm learning so much.  We have some really nice houses in our area and some really poor ones too.  The majority are wooden boards nailed together for houses that smell like urine but in the bottom part of town there are some nice houses. We taught so many lessons this past week. 43!  We doubled the amount we would teach in Ayacucho.  It's so weird how areas are so different. The familia G. are amazing! They are a family of 9 (7 kids), that were just baptized two months ago and they are seriously wonderful. We are going with them this Saturday to the temple to do baptisms for the dead and I'm so excited. Anyway, they live in a wooden boarded together house but they are the happiest people I have ever seen. I'm not kidding. Not to mention the dad only makes 1000 soles a month which is like I think 300 dollars.  But they always have enough money for food and are always inviting us over to eat and they have a moto so they are always giving us rides places. Oh man, they are a special family.  The other night we were over and they decided to look up our house on google earth and I was a little nervous but the good part is it wouldn't load all the way so you could only so the roof and the tennis court and trees and dads truck parked outside. It made my heart happy but also hurt a little. 

We are teaching  V., J, and K. Man I love them. They are awesome.  V. is the mom and her daughters and they have a baptism date. Their dad works with gold mines in Cusco so he isn't ever there but they are getting baptized the 20th of Sept. and we are so excited!  They just get it and are so prepared and chosen. I walked into their house and it was like stepping into America. I was shocked...I guess I've been gone too long or something but really its just heart breaking that there are people literally two streets up that are living in shacks. Anyway, I am super excited for their baptism. 

We have a lot of really great investigators and had so many great experiences this past week. I'm learning so much. Sunday the senior couple, the Tharps, came to our ward! They live in Cañete and work with family history.  They are from St. George. Honestly I love them so much and they came proselyting with us after and told me their whole life story and seriously they are my idols. Anyway, ohhhhh Hermano H. He's so cute. He's our 80 year old ward mission leader and I think I'm going to bring him back to the states with me. His wife died 7 years ago and he lives alone and was baptized a year ago.  Seriously, he's so funny and the cutest old man. The elders had a baptism on Saturday and he conducted and he had to use a step stool to see over the podium because he's so short. He's great. 

One of the elders here in our ward is brand new. Like straight from the ccm and hardly knows Spanish and I just feel so bad because I remember my first month when I couldn't say anything. Horrible!  So I try and help him because it's just so sad and you are so confused. Anyway, I'm learning so much here and I love these people with my whole heart. One thing that's really easy for me to do on the mission is just love. These people are so special and chosen people of God. Les quiero muchhhho! Hermana Savanna Rush

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