Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Sole Hermana Rush

Hi family! First off, give Madi the biggest hug for me on Wednesday. I can't believe she is actually getting home this week. Ahhh, it makes me so sad and so happy all at the same time. I think I'm just sad that I won't have a sister in the mission with me anymore. Send me lots of pictures! 

So last p-day we found out there were ruins by the beach of the houses of the people that settled Mala, but we didn't really find anything and just took pictures instead. For service this week we got to go work in the chacra!! So the chacra is like farm land and we went to a members chacra and are helping her clear the land. But it's not like a farm farm, it's like a tropical farm with banana trees and all sorts of cool things and you kinda feel like you are in the jungle. It was so cool. And the chacra next to hers was just fields of roses and it was probably the prettiest thing I have ever seen and the funnest service chopping down trees and stuff. 

All the baptisms we had planned for Saturday got postponed to the following Saturday because two of them went out of town and so their date fell and the other one...well we are working on her testimony of the book of Mormon. Anyway, just a quick story. So we are teaching this lady name A. and she has 6 kids and her husband died 6 months ago and they literally have no money and live in a wooden house nailed together. She is really awesome and I think she will get baptised in 2 weeks or so.  Anway, we went to teach her tithing and we were a little nervous because she literally has nothing.  The lesson went really well and the spirit was so strong and at the end we asked her if she would keep this commandment and she was just like, Yes! I know that if we wouldn't have followed the Spirit in that lesson she would not have accepted and would not have realized the blessing that this commandment will bring. Also, we have a mom and a daughter with baptisms dates. V. and K.  They are the best and seriously are so prepared.  We had to have permission from V.'s husband to get baptized but he works in Arequipa but this week he came home and we had a lesson with him and it was amazing.  He was so open to listen and learn and signed the papers for them to be baptized and really wants to learn more. 

We found so many new investigators this week that are so ready and so prepared for this gospel. I know that if we seek for the Lord's help and if we do the Lord's will miracles will happen. I love you all!  Have such a great week all together and know that I miss you all so much but that there is no place I'd rather be than in the mission! love you! 
Hermana Rush

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