Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cold, Wet and Happy

Wow. Happy almost two months to me! I can't believe it's been that long. I feel like I just got here! I forgot to tell you guys that in the ccm one of the teachers in the came up to me and told me that he had to talk to me about something regarding america...I was kinda scared. so after classes he called me into his classroom and asked me if I knew elder Michael Brimhall! Apparently they are in the same ward in the lima central mission and elder Brimhall had told him to say hi to me and had written me a quick note saying good luck in the mission field! I may sound nerdy but it was the best just hearing from someone from home that is doing the exact same thing as me! Ok so Carmen alto, my area in Ayachucho, is one special place.  We walk out of our house apartment room thing and there are people herding their bulls down the street. or sometimes it's sheep or sometimes it's pigs. You never know. It's so cold here. Holy cow! It's like Arizona winters all the time (so basically it's not cold.  but it is summer there right now) except it gets a  little warmer in the day. It literally rains everyday and in the morning and nights it's freezing. I sleep´in a sweatshirt and sweatpants and fuzzy socks every single night. Ya know how dad said i'd never use the umbrella you bought me? Ha, I use it a lot. And that coat and scarf I brought are used daily. Mom, you are a smart women.

Tuesday was rough. All our appts. dropped and at like 8 it started pouring, like pouring.  So we went home and planned and ate peanut butter and watched Mormon messages.  Wednesday, oh my gosh. we taught lessons and then went to lunch and our pension had made spaghetti. It was so good but she literally gave my a huge plate with a mountain on top.  Like more than our whole entire family eats combined.  I was just staring at it like I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to eat this. Anyway, I always say a prayer in my head before I eat that i'll be able to finish because it's not an option to not finish your food (plus she eats three bites and she's full normally).  So after a lot of deep breathes and silent prayers I finished it all and I thought I was going to barf.  It was a long walk home after that. I though I was going to die. 

Thursday we went and did a zone service activity where we put use water wisely stickers on the all the buses and then we all went out to lunch together. It was a good time. then we went and taught more lessons.  friday we went and helped a less active with her laundry and it was a lot of fun! She made us wear her gardening hats so we didn't get sunburned and I felt like I was at a tea party!  Saturday the strangest thing happened.  We heard this band playing out side our house and we looked out and a funeral was parading by. There were people carrying the casket and the rest of the people were playing an instrument or crying. It was interesting. Oh I found the cemetery by the way, I wanna go inside so bad but there's just no time for that (she has a weird facination with cemetaries).   

Saturday night we went to the elder's in our wards baptism. a lot of our investigators came and it was awesome! Sunday hn del rosario was sick so we left during church and she slept while I studied.  Then in the afternoon we went out and taught. We taught one of our active mamitas and we asked her if she was keeping all the commandments and she said yes except for when she's at work and her boss isn't working she does cocaine...WHAT?? AAAH, I never would have guessed. So now we have to work with her to get her to stop. Anyway, everything is going well. Lots of lessons! Our investigator V is getting baptized with his daughter this week so we are so excited! He has changed so much and their family is SO much happier! It's the best seeing people change their lives! Ayacucho is the best, these people are so prepared to hear the gospel! I gotta go but i love you guys! Hermana Savanna Rush

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