Thursday, March 27, 2014

Culture Shock

Hola familia! This week has been so hard but so great. I got to Ayacucho blah blah blah Wednesday.  We live with a part member family and they are awesome. The mom is a member and the dad and daughter have a baptism date. Our pension family is awesome and I love them so much! They are members in our ward and we eat with the parents everyday. They practically refuse to take our money but we have to give it to them so they buy us ice cream with it. It's the best. They treat us like their daughters and said they would give up their own children for us haha. Ra, our pension, had  dream about me before I came but all she really knew about me from it was the I was white, tall, and skinny with dark hair. Weird right? 

Anyway, Thursday was hard. We taught a new member, Ja, and then we went to teach another lady in the afternoon. we were standing outside her house and the sun was going down and she wasn't there and we didn't have that much luck that day and I was just like, what am I doing here? I looked up at the top of the mountain and I saw  a big cross at the top. It was so pretty. The sun was setting and it was all lit up. I know we don't really believe in the symbol of the cross but it was so comforting to remember that Christ knows what I'm going through and he died for me. It helped me remember that he is walking next to me this whole mission and that I'm here to help people come unto him. I look up at the cross every single night and it helps me remember what my purpose is here. 

So mornings are really hard. When you wake up and realize how tired you are and how much you want to sleep and how much you don't want to get up and work. But the day always gets so much better.  Friday we went and taught this 18 year old couple.  The boy is a member and the girl has a baptism date and they have a baby.  Anyway., we committed her to baptism which means before she gets to get baptized they have to get married!  I thought when I left on m mission I would be missing all of my friend's weddings. Turns out I get to plan a wedding and be a bridesmaid!! woohoo. 

Saturday, oh my gosh!  We walked so so so much. Like up and down and up and down and up and down. We had a big lunch and then we went and taught this one lady and she insisted on feeding us and then we went to dinner at another new members house and then we had a relief society activity and they fed us. I thought I was going to explode. Holy cow. That night we found out that one of our investigators with a baptism date is cheating on and beating his wife so now we are really mad and kinda scared of him. I don't know what we are going to do about that.   Sunday was great. We picked up a few investigators and went to church. I got to bear my testimony, in Spanish, duh.  How lucky am I?  And I get to speak next week, yea!  So half the women wear pants to church which is weird and all their phones go off and they always answer them....weird but ok. All the old traditional peruvian ladies, the mamitas, all sit together and fall asleep because they only speak qechua so they have no idea what's going on.  But at least they are there!   We ate at members houses and taught some lessons and then we had more meetings at the church.  While we were at the church it started pouring so hard.  It was shaking the church. after that we ran to a members house for dinner and we were soaking and then after that we had to walk all the way home because there were no taxis.  Straight up hill for 1.5 miles in the pouring rain. wow. But this mission is awesome. Anyway, its hard but it's awesome.  We taught a lot more lessons I just don't have time to write about them. My Spanish gets better and better everyday. Sorry this was an eternity long but i love you guys! have a great week! xoxo Hermana Rush jr.

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