Monday, April 7, 2014

Sick and Happy

Hi family!  I got all your dear elders. There were like 8! thanks! Oh and tell sheila thanks for the dear elder. It was the best! So wow, what a week teaching lessons and such.  Thursday I thought was gonna be just fabulous and it was, well, it started out that way.  Presidente came for training and interviews and it was awesome but more and more throughout the day I started feeling really sick and by the end of the day I thought I was going to die. My interview with Presidente was awesome. He is the greatest and it helped me so much. After our interviews we went home and I slept because I had a fever and felt terrible. Then I got up and went to ward counsel and and I was wearing two sweatshirts a coat and a scarf and was still freezing. I got a blessing and then while we were waiting for it to start presidente came out of his interviews about to fly back to lima and saw me and told me I had to go home immediately. I just looked at him and I was like, "I really can't, we have things to do." and then he looked and me and was like, that wasn't an option. So we went home and Miguel and Rayda, our pensions, somehow found out and brought me soup which was so nice! Then I went to sleep and at midnight I woke up and I was literally on fire and thought my brain was going to melt. Like, I'm not even kidding. My whole body hurt so so so bad. It was awful.  I didn't get out of bed until 12 on Friday and then we went out teaching. It kinda sucked because hiking mountains when you are sick isn't that fun, but I survived.  

Saturday was Vr's baptism!!! It was the greatest. It was also 4 others in our ward too so it was awesome. That night was the general women's conference and oh man, that was the greatest! I mean, I didn't understand everything, at all actually but the music was great!!  Hermana Shill and I just sat there singing with the choir because it was in English and we were just so happy!  I can't wait for conference in ingles Saturday and Sunday!! wooohoo. 

Sunday is an interesting day in Ayacucho. It's the Lord's day so all the men get super drunk and harass tall white girls walking down the street and sometimes they even folllow you for 4 calles (streets). What a great way to spend the Lord's day, right?  The confirmations of all the baptisms were fantastic. We taught some lessons and then at night we went back to our house to celebrate Wendy's (10 year old girl with baptism date) birthday! We had cake and watched mormon messages and it was awesome! This week was good besides getting sick and losing some investigators and having to hike up and down huge mountains in skirts and almost throwing up because someone feeds you bad fish and bad cold sores that turn black. Hahaha actually, all those things make the mission awesome!! Vr's baptism made this week all worth it. Hope you are all doing well, I love you guys!

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