Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference was Lo Maximo!

Hello familia! So this week was great. Lots and lots of walking but lots of finding. Tuesday morning we woke up and Hna Del Rosario was throwing up so we stayed in all morning so she could feel better. I was also having stomach issues to say the least so we called the health elder and it turns out I have a stomach infection. Don't worry though I got some pills so I'm all fixed! But that morning, because we were both having issues, we had to drink this special medicine they have here. It literally works miracles but it is disgusting. It's a bottle of this cherry flavored medicine that's 1000 ml and once you open it you have to drink it all within like 30 minutes. It was so gross I almost died. It definitely took me 45 minutes to finish all 1000 ml but I felt so much better, so it worked! 

Wednesday we found a really golden investigator but turns out she is in hna Shill's area so we had to hand her over. It was the worst calling and saying, "hi hna shill we have an investigator for you....who has a baptism date for April 26" was so sad but it's not about the numbers, just bringing people to Christ, so we are happy! Oh, so our pension Miguel and Rayda some how found out that I was a lifeguard before the mission so now they tell so many people and they call me bay watch hahaha. Oh, and on Thursday I got bit by a dog. Awesome. This dog was running next to me and jumped up and bit my hand but it didn't to anything to me so don't worry, I'm still alive. 

Thursday was good, lots of lessons and then we had to go to our weekly meeting with the ward counsel but of course everyone was an hour late so I just got to practice to piano the whole time. It was the best! All day Friday we pretty much spent passing out general conference invites. Saturday was general conference!!! Oh man, it was Lo Maximo! It was seriously the best plus it was in English, so that was even better! In between sessions we went to lunch with our whole zone for one of the elder's birthdays so that was fun. Sunday was really great. A bunch of investigators showed up that we didn't expect to so we were super excited about that! Last night two members of the JAS, young single adults, came with us teaching and it really made all the difference. They are the best! 

So that was the week! It was so awesome and we have some really great investigators who are really progressing and Wy gets baptized this Saturday!! Woohoo. She is the 10 year old that we live with. She is super excited! Let's talk about the food here really quick.  If you are a good cook, like our pension, it's super good.  But we do eat some really weird stuff. cow heart , fish with the eye socket and tail still intact. It gets weirder and weirder every day. People always feed us this soup that is more like jello that tastes more like cleaning supplies. It's awful. And their drinks are the grossest. They always ask if we want aguaita and its always some sort of gross fruit juice, like that brown stuff we drank in the Dominican republic but worse and like 4 times a day. You just have to hold your breathe and chug.  This week we haven't had hot water for some reason and its already so cold in the mornings.  So freezing showers are the worst, but we survive. Anyway, I just loved everything everyone said at general conference especially the talk about the Olympics (probably because I knew nothing about them this year) but like how he said our life is like 4 minutes and we have eternity to reflect on it. We need to be improving every single day. Be kinder, nicer and more obedient every single day. Find someone that needs your encouragement today! I love you all so much. 1 month till we get to skype so try and figure out that now please. I only get to skype for 45 minutes so I don't want to have to spend half of it trying to figure out accounts and everything. A member in our ward has it so I for sure get to! Anyway, I love you all so much. Don't forget to wear your seat belts. k bye, love you! Hermana Savanna Rush

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