Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sick Again

Wow,  what a week! This week was interesting to say the least.  Last Monday we went on an adventure with the whole zone to Quinua.  I'm not sure what the  point of the monument is but it was cool. We took a lot of pictures so don't worry! Tuesday we had intercombios!  I got to go work  in Garcilazo with  a latina named hermana Alvarez. I was really nervous to go because she doesn't speak any English  but it ended up being really good! We spent a lot of time trying to find people to teach and went to basically every investigator, menos activo and non-miembros house but nobody was home.  It was a lot of walking but it was good because I just got to practice my Spanish the whole time! 

Thursday we found a really awesome new investigator! Ri! Her husband is inactive and right before we showed up at their house apparently, they were talking about how they could bring God  into their family more! That night we had council with our branch and we found out some really interesting things. Apparently one of the  young men in our barrio that we a re trying to rescue is in the middle of doing his mission papers so we have to go teach all the lessons and reactivate in this week so he can turn in his papers. And also  one of our investigators might actually be a member.....ya I don't know. That's Peru for ya!  
Friday we went and did service for Re and were gonna help her cook but she gave us these grapes to eat and wouldn't let us start till we had finished.  But anyway we helped her cook and wash clothes and  it was a good time.  Saturday. oh Saturday. So I wake up with what I thought was food poisoning but then I started throwing up  stomach acid and no food and so then we didn't know what it was. Hna Douglas thought it might be my appendix but then we ruled that out. I had the worst stomach pains in the world. it was so bad. I just kept throwing up stomach acid and finally I fell asleep and when I woke up I felt fine! Woohoo!  So  we stayed in until like 7pm and then we went out and taught and everything was fine.  

Sunday was good! We taught  some lessons with some really great investigators.  We have  trouble getting them to come to church. we literally had no  invest. in church on Sunday and it was the worst. I guess that just means we need to be working even harder and being even more obedient and praying more for our investigators.  Oh and Wy's dad was out of town this weekend so she wasn't baptized but   she will be this Saturday so we are  so excited about that!  This weekend is combios (transfers) so p-day next week is  on Tuesday or Wednesday,  I'm not sure yet!  I hope you all had a great week. love you all!

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