Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dr., E.R., 10 hr. Bus Ride, E.R., 14 hr. Bus Rid

This week has been awful, more or less. Actually it wasn't THAT bad (actually it was) but I prefer to forget about it.  So last Tuesday was quite the day.  I woke up with those stupid stomach pains again. Oh man, it was so bad! So we called the health elder and he made me an appt. with a doctor which we went to, and while we were waiting I started to die from the pain.  It hurt so bad I was just sitting there bawling.  Finally we got in and the Dr. pushed around on my stomach and then made me go get x-rays.  We go do that and I think I am literally dying.  Like I'm trying to breathe and it was just awful.  After the x-rays the doctor says he didn't know what was wrong and prescribed me some pills and told me to come back in a few days if it didn't go away. But once we got down stairs I couldn't even move and I just layed down on some chairs.  So these nurses picked me up and took me into the emergency room which was conveniently in the same building and they started running tests and doing ultrasounds.  We were there allllllll day long.  The elders came and gave me a blessing and brought me the package you sent!!! Thank you so much! It was the best! 

So I was laying there in the emergency room practically dying, or so it felt like, and was reading the letter from brother Foster. Tell him thank you for me! It was some great advice, especially for my current state of being.  Then at like seven they came in and were like we can't find anything so Hna Dounglas (Mission President's wife) called and said I had to come to the hospital in Lima. We didn't have our passports so we couldn't fly and had to take the bus allllll night long. It was awful.  We got to Lima and went straight to the hospital and they did x-rays. (the rest was too graphic but she was severally dehydrated and they got her feeling better) After that and a few hours of waiting we left the hospital with Hna Doungals and got some medicine and then we went to the store to buy fiber! They didn't want us to go back to Ayacucho in case some thing else was wrong so we stayed the night in the cutest bed and breakfast in San Isidro!  That night Hna and Presidente Douglas took us out to dinner and it was the best! 

Ok, so since last week was Semana Santa and everyone was traveling, there were no buses back to Ayacucho available so us and the Elders that came with us to Lima for immigration had to take a bus to Pizco, six hours south. It was so long and so hot and horrible. Then we got on another bus to Ayacucho and that was bad too. I woke at like 8 pm and we were stopped in the middle of no where because the bus was broken. Awesome!  We waited there an hour and they fixed it and we left.  So we got back at midnight and went straight to sleep. 

Saturday we had Wy's baptism!! It was the best (except for the loud music and drunks everywhere outside the capilla because of semana santa.) Other than that it was great!  Saturday night we got transfers calls......I'm still in Ayacucho and Hna Del Rosario got transferred to Ica. wahhhhh!  I was so sad but I need to learn more Spanish so it's ok.  On Monday my new comp came, Hna Mendez! She is from Mexico. She is the best but it's really hard because I have to direct the area and talk to everyone and what not and it's really frustrating because I'm not fluent.  But it's gonna be an awesome transfer with her! Ok well, that was my week. And I hope to never think about it again.  I love you all. Pray for Ayacucho because we need some miracles here. Also pray for my Spanish because its suffering.  Love you all, bye!

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