Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"It's Literally The Best"

This week has been probably the hardest but also the best week of my mission! Something I realized this week is that the mission will never be easy, but there are little things every day that make it so worth it! So my comp is literally the best! one thing though...she only has two more weeks than me in the mission, hahaha.  So we both have 3 months!! woohooo. We just have so much fun together and she is such an amazing missionary. She is working so hard to teach me Spanish and has this whole plan and schedule. Shes the greatest!

Monday and Tuesday were really hard since I was directing my area and trying to show her around and introduce her to people and was basically doing all the talking. Ya, we got lost a lot but now we know our way around our WHOLE area. woohoo! Wednesday night we had two lessons with some really awesome part member families and I realized that the mission really is the best! We just had so much fun teaching these families. These families have become my family! I'm super close with both of them and they are just the best! Thursday we had intercombios and I was in my area with hna Shill's comp hna Guelet! We were in the same group in the ccm so I'm not sure why we were put together for intercombios because we are both babies. For training we just trained each other!  Anyway, that afternoon we went to teach a menos activo and I just had so much faith that we would find her (she works a lot).  We went to her house and she wasn't there but for some reason I was just like, ya we will find her. So then we go to her grandson's house to teach him and there she was!! She was so happy to see us and we had a great lesson. Just a small miracle of the day but it really was the best.
Saturday was literally the best! The youth in our ward had an activity of proselyting and handing out invitations for our ward conference. So we went in the morning and trained them all then sent them off to work! As we were going to our lessons we passed so many of the youth talking to people on the street and it was literally the best! I was so proud! That afternoon our pensions Ml and Ra and everyone that works for their company (15 members of our barrio) came with us to pass out invitations to our ward conference. Hermana mendez and Ra and I ended up finding and teaching four new investigators in the 2 hours that we were handing  out invitations! The members really make all the difference. We were teaching this 18 year old boy and after the lessons he asked me to check his English homework.  Oh my gosh. I started reading this dialogue that he had written in ingles and it is like this romantic dialogue about valentines day and I about died. I was sitting there trying not to laugh. Anyway, lots of success Saturday thanks to the members!

Sunday. Wow! Ok, so we get to ward conference and guess what? I'm the ward pianist because it's a special conference and they wanted the music  to be good. HA!  So why did they have me do it? Anyway, they picked the most impossible hymn. There is absolutely nothing worse than playing in front of the whole ward and not knowing the hymns. It's ok though, It actually wasn't that bad.  But I'm still mad at bishop. Anyway, this week has been good and we are starting to see some miracles happen in Ayacucho! Thank you for all your prayers! I love you all so much!! 

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