Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Well this week has been great!  Last Monday after p-day we went to noche de hogar (Family Home Evening) in a less active's house and it ended in the whole family and Hna Mendez  and I bawling. We taught about eternal families and how when we are talking to Jesus at our judgement he isn't going to ask where our friends are or where our worldly possessions are or anything.  He's going to ask where our family is and why we didn't work harder to live with our family forever. It really was a great lesson with them and they said they are going to set up interviews with the bishop to get reactivated. They're the best. We ate with them and then right after Ml y Ra called and said they had pizza for us. Yesssss! So we ran up the giant hill and ate pizza with them and then we ran down the giant hill to our next lesson in our own house with Na and Wy and Fo and ate again with them. No wonder I'm getting fat. I told Ml and Ra that I'm going on a dieta this week because my family wouldn't want to skype me if I'm fat. So ya, there's that. This whole week consisted of finding and teaching new investigators. We found five new families this week!!! They are the best. So ya, 13 new investigators this week and all accepted baptism but only 5 have dates. Seriously so many miracles are happening in Ayacucho! Thank you for all the prayers. I can feel them strengthening me every single day. 

Story of the week. There is this lady who owns this super nice, organized tienda (store) at the top of the mountain.  She is the nicest and Hna del rosario and I would buy stuff in her tienda all the time. I always knew there was something different about her but for some reason we never contacted her. So the other day hna Mendez and I went and talked to her and she said she always saw us walk by and always wanted us to teach her family but we never offered. oops. Well that's one way to make me feel really, really, really bad. So we set up an appointment and had a lesson with them on Tuesday and Saturday.  It turns out she has been less active since she was thirteen!! Wow. She has such a desire to come back to the church and wants her whole fam to be baptized.  Her two sons accepted baptisma and they all went to church yesterday. Her two little kids aren't 8 yet but when the time comes they will be baptized too! Her husband wants to be part of the gospel but needs time so we aren't teaching him right now but I know he will get baptized. Anyway, this family has so much faith. I love them! 

Sunday, I get to church and the bishop says, "ask me how you can serve me."  And I said "how?" and he said, "You're ward pianist today." OH GREAT; THANKS A LOT! ya I was playing some random hymns and it was horrible once again. I should have practiced more before I left. I know you are laughing right now thinking, I told you so. ughh. And then it was testimony meeting and no one was going up so the bishop called us up to bear our testimonies.  But it's ok because its a privilege to bear our testimonies! While I was bearing my testimony I was looking at the people in my ward and just realized how much I love it here. The people are the best. I also realized that the gift of tongues, something I pray for 100 times a day, is real. I can just get up and talk and it all just comes out. It's amazing! This church is absolutely amazing and I love sharing this gospel with chosen children of the Lord! I am so lucky to be a chosen servant to share this message. Ok, well that's all for this week.   I love you all!  Hermana Rush Jr.

side note: dad, I hope you know we drink quaka (liquid that is strained off of oatmeal) all the time, we dip bread in it and it's lo maximo!! Also I haven't had a warm shower in 6 weeks. It's so freezing cold. Just like that one time we went snorkeling in Mexico in March, remember that? Ya, colder than that. Also, I carry a dictionary around everywhere. The ward calls it mi novio because it doesn't leave my side and if i ever lost it I think I might die. 

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