Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bathroom Door and Hot Water

So first off, talking to you guys yesterday was lo maximo!!! Oh man, I love you guys so so so much. Second, I feel really bad that Madi changed her skype day and everything to skype me and I wasn't even on. How horrible!  Third, I realized Davis like didn't speak at all.  I LOVE YOU DAVIS! So anyway, after we were done my comp said that mom looks like a movie star (I really love her companion!) which makes the Hermana Rich joke This morning she asked me if I ever had to clean my house when I lived at home HAHAHAHAHA.  Actually it wasn't funny.  Anyway, there isn't much to really tell since we talked yesterday but this past week was good.  We had a bunch of lessons with these three different families that are awesome. Finding families is what the mission is about.  It's not about baptizing.  It's about getting families sealed in the temple. 

So I told you we got a bathroom  door on Saturday and hot water!!  Well, turns out the hot water only lasts for like five minutes but hey, it's better than nothing!  I've been studying random things in the libro de mormon and biblia this week and I discovered so me things that I had never realized before. Like after Judas betrayed Jesus he went and hung himself and then the next verse says, and the 11 disciples...strange I know. Also John the baptist was beheaded??? What?? And also that there are another group of people besides Europe and the Americas that saw Christ that have a book testifying of Christ. I'm probably preaching apostosia right now but go read 3nefi 16:1-3. I don'
t know. But anyway, I hope you guys know that after skyping I wasn't sad and I was really happy! It was just hard during but after I was just so happy that I got to see my familia!! I love you guys so so much!  Have a great week!

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