Monday, May 19, 2014

Presidential Visit

Hola familia!! So not a lot happened this week. A lot of walking. and I mean a lot. And a lot of contacting families in the streets! Wednesday President and Hermana Douglas came! They are seriously the best. A 70 was supposed to come with them but last minute he couldn't come so that was sad. After the training, the 70, C. Scott Grow, was going to interview three missionaries in our zone. The assistants told me that I was one of the ones he was going to interview if he had come. dang it!! That would have been so cool. Anyway, the training with president was awesome and I learned so much and could actually understand everything that was being said unlike the last training he came for.  

Thursday our bishop came out teaching with us. He actually served his mission in this ward here and came back and married a girl from his mission and became the bishop.  So he was introducing us to all sorts of old investigators from his mission! He's awesome except that he kept telling everyone we visited that I speak Qechua.....I don't even speak Spanish and now all these people think I speak Qechua too. great. Friday my district did service for the bishop and destroyed a part of the his house. A long time ago they added this extra room onto their house and now they want it gone so we tore it down. I mean it's only like an adobe house so it wasn't hard.  His family lives with his wife's mother, mama L.  She's the funniest little Peruvian lady. While we were destroying the house she was in the second floor of the house next door like hanging out of the window yelling at us hahaha. She's the best. 

We have this less active we are working with named Frank but everyone says his name super weird here like in father of the bride. Ya know the wedding planner named Frank? Ya that's how everyone says it and I can't help but laugh.   Also M. and R. have been in Lima for like 9 days because R. needed surgery and it's just been horrible without them. I miss them so much and we are eating lunch everyday with random people in the ward and I just miss seeing them. They call us everyday to make sure we're are still alive, haha.  They are the best! 

R. and her family are progressing so well. I love them! They are literally like the perfect investigators and so we are preparing her kids for their baptism on the 31st! We have another family that's progressing so well too! We talked to the dad yesterday and he told us he received an answer that the book of Mormon is true!!! This is really big because he had so many doubts and questions. Something I learned this week is that you can tell so much about a person by their prayers. We always pray with investigators and afterwards know so much more about their needs and wants through their prayers. Anyway, that's pretty much it. I love you all! Hermana Rush Jr.

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