Friday, May 30, 2014

Guinea Pig Soup

Well to start off, cambios (transfers) are Saturday so p-day isn't until Tuesday or Wed. next week. Second, I better not get transferred. I would cry. I want at least one more cambio here. Tuesday I had Intercombios with hna Holbrook and she is just the best! I learned so much from her. We were in a lesson and they asked me to say the prayer and I was like, ya of course. But in Spanish. So I start praying and all of the sudden I say, "por favor, bendice este comida...uhhh I mean familia."  I seriously still can't believe I blessed the food instead of the family.  We weren't even eating. We all laughed afterward for a while hahaha, ahhhh embarrassing.  So the next day we had a lesson in an internet place with this lady and of course some girl is playing american music so loud. It's seriously so hard to focus when Justin Bieber is playing in the background.  

One thing I definitely didn't know when I got my call  is that I'm not only a missionary but I am also a marriage counselor. Two different times this week grown men were crying to us about their marriages and  I was just thinking..... I'm  only 19, I know nothing about marriage.  Luckily my comp is the best and always knows exactly what to say. Partly because she's 23 and partly because she speaks Spanish.

R., our less active who's fam we are teaching is the best!! They are seriously better and more committed to the church than some of our members!  Her brother, who is 15, who lives with her and her two sons are getting baptized this Saturday and I could not be more excited!!!  At first it was just going to be her brother and her one son but then this week they realized that M.O. is actually 8 and not 7 so he gets to be baptized too!!  I'm not sure how you forget your age but I'm so happy so it's great! We had a lesson with a less active who is like 80 this week and he is the best. Federico. After the lesson he and his wife were just so happy a greengita was in their house that they had to take a picture.  It was full on blind side status.  All Peruvians and then me.  I was sitting in a chair and everyone was surrounding me. hahaha.

Saturday we found 8 new investigators. God really loves us.  Also  that day, a girl in our ward who works for M.L. was assigned to make us lunch. She is single so like 5 single adults and returned missionaries in our ward went to M.l.'s and made us lunch and ate with us and it was so fun. I love my ward SO much. I'm going to cry for dayyys when I get transferred.

Sunday there was no electricity in the cappilla (Chapel) so there was no microfono. I felt so bad for the speakers. We couldn't hear anything. Also, this mamita came to church  on Sunday but we had no idea who she was. Turns out Jehovah's witnesses invited her and she went to the wrong capilla. hahaha wooohooo, new investigator.  Anyway, Sunday for lunch we had CUY!!!   Guinea pig.  We were helping R.A. cook and  I'm like pulling  parts of it out of this pot and all of the sudden out comes the head. ears, nostrils, teeth and all. oh barf. But it actually isn't bad. It just kinda tastes like chicken or something.

So this week went by too fast. We have been teaching so many families. The work is really picking up here. We have 9 con fecha! (baptism dates)  The work is so amazing.  Literally nothing is better than seeing people's lives change through the gospel.  One thing I read in Matthew this week was that we shouldn't be afraid of things that kill our bodies but we should  be afraid of things that will kill our souls. I don't have time to expound on that so read Matthew 10 I think it is and ponder about it.  Also one way to know you are picking up Spanish is when your comp tells you  you were talking in your sleep in Spanish. Yea!  Here are some lines my comp says 1000 times a day with the thickest Mexican accent but in English: "take it easy,  shut up and walk, come on champion you can do it."   Hahaha!  Well that's all for this week! I love you all! Hermana Rush 

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