Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Underage Baptism

Well, if I told you we baptized a 7 year old I think that might indicate how this week went. To start off no cambios (transfers) for us!! Woohooo. Except like half our zone left and hna hoolbrook and shill left. Luckily we are getting two american hermanas and I hear they are awesome, so I'm excited! Anyway last Monday was interesting. So my hair was looking really bad and I needed a haircut really bad but I didn't want to just go to a random place because I heard they love american hair and chop it all of and sell it.  So this girl in my ward said she would cut it. I mean, she's 16 with a baby and a husband and her hair always looks good so I thought, why not.  She starts going at it with a razor and I was so confused and I look at the ground and there were full chunks of hair on the ground. I still have no idea why she used a razor but when she was done my hair was like half as thick but it looked so much better so that's all that matters.  Plus I have like 14 months for it to fix itself.  Speaking of 14 months, happy 4 months to me!! I seriously can't believe it's gone by that fast.
Tuesday, E., M. and J. had their baptism interviews and they passed! woohoo. Also, R. brought her sister in law to the interviews and we taught her while we were all waiting for the boys. She is amazing and has a baptism date for the 28th of June! We are actually teaching two hermanas that work for R., her two nieces, her sister in-law, her brother, and her two sons! She literally introduces us to everyone. She has the strongest testimony and loves sharing the gospel.  Next relief society president I tell you. So anyway, Wednesday, oh my gosh, I don't remember much from this day but I do remember that in every single lesson we had, the family fed us. I thought I was going to burst by the end of the day. The weird thing is I'm gaining weight but I think its all in my face.  Seriously, my face has doubled in size.
We have a reunion de hermanas the 18th of june with all the hermanas in the mission and I'm so so so excited! I seriously can't wait to see hna bond, bott and bailey. It  might be the best day of my life. Ok, so Thursday the weirdest thing happened. We were at M. & R.'s for lunch and we were looking through super old pictures of missionaries that had been in their ward and stake from the year they were baptized. like 2000 or something. I was looking at this picture of a big group of missionaries and I see this american elder and I look a little closer and it's Charlie Rush, aka my cousin!! Whattttttt? I didn't know he came to Ayacucho. So I was like, uhhh I think this is my cousin. And they were like, whats his name? And I was like, Elder Rush. and they were like OHHHH elder Rush!!! He wasn't in their ward but he was in their stake here. So weird right? 
Saturday was the baptism of E., J. and M. and three investigators of the elders. Six baptisms for our ward! It was awesome. What's even more awesome is that after the baptisms R.s husband, (E. and M.'s dad) said he wants to take the lessons and be baptized at the end of this month! Seriously, its a miracle because whenever we would be teaching their family he would never come to the lessons. So we are hoping that he will be baptized and they can be sealed in a year! So we got home Saturday night and we were looking at the registros and we saw that M. was born in 2006 which means that he's 7 and turns 8 in one week. I seriously can't believe we baptized a 7 year old. So we called R. and she said she was positive that he is 8 turning 9 and so we did the math like 4 more times. yup he's 7. So we made a bunch of calls and the next day in church everyone was confirmed except for him and he will be baptized again with his dad at the end of the month. ooops! Big mistake on everyone's part.
Anyway, this week was haard but also really rewarding with the baptisms and seeing our investigators progress! Sunday R. had an interview and she is rescued (?). After church she just kept saying how happy she was and how she can't wait for her husband to be baptized and for them all the be sealed. Nothing is better than helping others be this happy!! Anyway, that's all.  I love you all!

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