Monday, June 9, 2014

Motorcycle crash for M.

First off, Thank you so much for the package! I got it last Monday and it was the besttt!! Everyone was dying that you sent me sugar cookies. Also, I sent a father's day letter home with the same lady that you sent my package with. Hermana shill put the card on the inside of her present to her mom so if you don't get it soon, ask the shills. Anyway, we practically have a whole new zone here in Ayacucho. I love all the new missionaries but it's just not the same as my old zone. Also the only tongan in the mission is in my district! Everyone is so jealous. He is actually from Hawaii and when he told me he told me he is from Oahu I almost shed a tear or two (She really misses living in Hawaii.) Anyway, Tuesday we started teaching E. the esposo de R.! He is so prepared and ready to be baptized. Everything just makes sense to him and it is so much easier to teach people who already live the standards. He is getting baptized on the 21st! woohoo. Seriously, I have seen this family change and I can't wait to be at their sealing in a year!
Wednesday we were visiting a family and got a call from M. All he said was to come to his house. So after the lesson we ran to his house and there were like a bunch of cars there and the motorcycles de todas las personas en su company( of all his employees).  Sorry, like half of this is in spanish but I'm trying to type fast because I don't have much time. So we go in and he is laying on his couch bleeding from his head and leg. Anyway, he got in a accident on his motorcycle with a car and had been in the hospital. Super scary. He told us the motorcycle was like crunched because it went under the car but right when the car hit he felt hands lift him. He landed like 20 ft from the car. What's amazing is that his helmet flew off and he landed on his head and didn't die. He said he also felt hands around his head has he hit the ground. Seriously it's a miracle.
Anyway, Thursday we had a lesson con the 2 cousins of R. They are in their 20s and they are awesome. They both said that want to be baptized so we are still working on getting them to church 3 times so they can we baptized the beginning of July! Saturday we had a lesson with the spouse of R's brother. She is seriously amazing. We asked her how she felt about what she read and she said, "I want to be baptize! baptize me!"  The only problem is is that she's not married and her boyfriend lives in Lima and they are having problems right now. We were talking and she could be married this Friday if she wanted because they have all their marriage papers and she says, well all I need now is a spouse. hahahha so we are currently looking for a man for her. Actually, we are just trying to help her fix her relationship.
Anyway, Sunday was hard because only two of our investigators came to church. C. and E. At the last minute everyone canceled on us. But that's ok, I'm at least grateful we had two. We have been doing everything possible to  find new investigators but it just hasn't been happening. It's frustrating but its also teaching us so many different things. Faith, diligence patience. Everything. Anyway, that's pretty much it for this week. Sorry this letter isn't very interesting.... love you bye! 

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