Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lima Week

So for p-day today we left our area. oops. Actually we left our mission too. Actually we are in Lima central mission and just got back from the emergency room. Let's just say this week has been interesting. So ya. Last Tuesday we had a district meeting, just like every Tuesday, but my district leader asked me to talk about this one subject that I'm not sure what it means in English but in Spanish it was like talking about our numbers and who we are responsible to for our numbers from the week. So I learned so much and that more than anything we are responsible to the Lord and at the end of each day we need to think "was my work today good enough for the Lord?"  It makes you work a lot harder when you know that you are going to tell the Lord all your work at the end of the day.
Savanna entitled these "The most beautiful pictures in the World!"
Tuesday afternoon hna mendez got really sick and so Tuesday and Wednesday we stayed in and wanna know what I did? I watched the whole season and both discs of the District 2, two times, I finished Alma en el libro de mormon, I watched all the Mormon messages of disc 1 and 2, I studied preach my gospel and studied 100 pages in my Spanish book. It was SO boring! Thursday and Friday we found and taught 3 new investigators who are really great. We are really excited about them.
Friday morning we found out that president was coming Saturday morning so we were like stressing so hard because we needed to cancel all our appts. for saturday and get everything ready in case he came teaching with us. So Saturday president came!! wohooo. I learned so so so much. Anyway, hna mendez  had a migraine like all week long and president noticed at the conference that she was sick so we had our interviews and he gave her a blessing and we went home.  That night it just got worse and worse. Saturday night hna jameson and guelet came and brought us food and hna douglas had hna jameson stay the night with her. She knew that if I made her take the disgusting medicine and made her take it all night that she would hate me. So I went home with hna guelet to the Americans and went to church in the barrio americas Sunday.  Sunday she wasn't any better. Hermana Guelet and I were in a lesson and hna Jameson calls and says I have to leave right then because we are going to Lima and our flight was leaving in 40 minutes. So we were literally running on this dirt road for like a half mile looking for a taxi.  Finally we found one and grabbed my stuff from the apartment of hna guelet and we met hna jameson and hna mendez at the airport.The hard part was that hna jameson had to pack for me because she was at my house and we didn't have time to go back. We are staying in lima for 4 days because all the hnas have a conference here on Wednesday so there was no point in going back to Ayacucho and then back to Lima a day later. So we meet the hnas at the airport and presidente and the assistants and we jump on the plane and got to lima at like 7pm last night.
It is so weird being in Lima. Like it's civilization. I didn't realize how long I've been out of civilization for. Ayacucho is awesome but we are just starting to get cement roads to replace dirt roads and its more likely to get hit by a heard of bulls than a car. So ya. We went to the hospital this morning and they thought she had typhoid but it just turns out it was a really bad migraine and now we are just in the mission office hanging out. I'm so excited for the hnas conference Wednesday! It's going to be awesome. Anyway,  that's pretty much it. Super inspirational I know. E., the spouse of R., gets baptized this Saturday and I'm just so excited. They are already planning their families sealing in a year. This gospel brings miracles and there is absolutely nothing better than being a missionary. I love you all! Hermana Rush jr.

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