Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Raisins To Baptism

Welllll, this week was great. So big news, no transfers for me and Hermana Bailey!!!! wohooo! We still don't really know if this is a dream or a nightmare (more on that later) that we are companions but so far it's been the greatest. So last Monday we were visiting this menos activo and finishing her lessons so she can be "rescued" and it was really awesome because her menos activo sister was there too who doesn't really like to talk to us. At the end of the lesson we were just testifying that the things we taught were true and afterward she asked us how we we know so much that it's true that we can sit there and say that we testify of it. It was such a cool experience to be able to help her know how she can gain a testimony like we do. So now we are working with her and are super, super excited. 

Tuesday we were teaching a lesson that went really well and then we were laying in bed that night and Hna Bailey told me that when I asked her  how to say steps in Spanish she accidentally told me the word for raisins and the whole time I was talking about the raisins to baptism instead of the steps to baptism. hahahahha. Apparently she didn't realize till after and we were like crying laughing so hard. Sooo embarrassing. This is the problem with putting two white girls who only have 5 months in the mission. 

Wednesday I woke up and felt soooo sick.  By the end of personal study I was laying on the floor trying to understand what I was reading in Spanish. So I went and lay in my bed and like 5 minutes later I sat up and I was like, I think I'm going to barf and barely made it off the bed. And it seriously went EVERYWHERE. The splash zone had like a  6  foot radius and it was all yogurt  oatmeal and bananas. It was disgusting. And it was on everything. Ew. So we spent Thursday in the house too and Friday I thought I was feeling better so we start working and then go to lunch and I was just so tired I was going to pass out and of course for lunch that day we had squid tentacles with rice. Ew. So we call the health elder and he made us go home and right when I layed down I like passed out for four and a half hours and when I woke up I felt awesome so all is good and I'm just super healthy now. 

Saturday was cambio (transfer) calls but we didn't have cambios Wohooo. Hna Bond is here in Ayacucho so now all we are missing it hna Bott and we are really sad she's not here (these are her chums from the CCM). Yesterday we went and discovered this part of our area that we have never been. It's like this whole separate mountain that  you  can only get to by a 20  minutes bus ride. So we get on the bus and go. We thought it was just a few adobe houses with their land and adobe walls separating the houses but turns out at the top of the mountain their is like a whole mini city. It was amazing. It's so poor up there but so cool. I couldn't believe we had never discovered it before. There was this stream and all the mamitas were washing their clothes in it. It's so cool. We are going to start working in Yanama but we just don't really know where to start. 

Anyway,  I realized something yesterday. The  mission is so hard because you have investigators that you just absolutely love that don't progress and just don't quite understand. We teach and teach and teach and sometimes it's just not enough and quite honestly it's so heartbreaking and really frustrating.  You just grow to love people and you want the best for them and then  they don't progress and you just want to cry because you see their potential.  On the other hand we have  our investigator J. who is amazing.  She is hilarious and is so smart. We give her something to read and she gives us all the details. Like honestly, it's amazing. She loves church so much and wants more than anything to serve a mission and she is already  going to seminary. She is a miracle and so prepared for this gospel. People like her make my calling so worth it. I love it more than anything. I love you all! Hermana Savanna Rush

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