Tuesday, July 22, 2014

When it rains, eat ice cream

Hi, here is Savanna's letter this week. Just to warn you, she seems to have remembered us as being much better parents than we actually are. 
Hello everyone. So this week I realized a lot of things but mostly how
crappy my letters are. I need to write better letters but when it comes
time to email I just get super stressed and sorta nervous and my mind goes blank and I'm pretty sure my blood pressure rises. a lot. So I'll try and be better from now on. First things first. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. And second, I LOVE HAVING HNA BAILEY AS A COMPANION! It's just so much fun. We are learning so so so much together because we really just have to step out of our comfort zones because we don't have latinas to do it for us. So I have a joke that I thought was really funny but maybe in real life it's actually not. I don't know. So why was Lehi and his family so rich?.....because they lived in a tienda. So tienda means tent, ya, but it also means a store and everyone here has a tienda as a part of their house.
Ok, so maybe it wasn't funny but whatever.

We found out this week that Ayacucho mean "death corner" in qechua. Comforting right? But actually it's really safe and for that reason 6 of the 8 hermanas here are gringas. Crazy right? But it's really, really fun. Also, the new elder in our ward here is gringo and is from Az. and is the Trasdahls cousin, so that's fun. Also, this return missionary from a different ward here was talking to us in the capilla the other day and he was in the same mission as Tyler Fletcher in Ecuador. He asked where I was from and then asked me if I knew him. The
Mormon world is so small. Also, I have been taking a lot of videos lately and they are golden so you should all be super excited to see my mission when i get home in a year!!! what!!! Sunday is my half birthday, Monday is hna baileys half birthday (yes we are only a day apart) and Tuesday we hit six months. CRAZY!!! ahhhh. It's gone by so fast. Noooo!

So not a lot happened this week, just teaching some really great people. But I'll just tell you about a few moments that stuck out to me this week. Friday we were teaching our investigator R. the plan of salvacion and it was just the sweetest experience. Her mom just died and she was crying and I was just so happy to be able to tell her that she will see her again someday. On our way to another appointment we were walking past a house and we looked inside and there was a dead person laying on the table and candles lit everywhere. Typical catholic viewing here I'm sure but it was so weird.

Saturday we went up to Yanama again and when we were on the bus everyone was just staring at us for some reason. The bus was full of mamitas and all their fruits and vegetables in like woven bags. Hermana Bailey and I were just laughing so hard. Life is so weird. I wish I could video tape my whole mission for you guys to see because we are in a whole different world down here.

Sunday was soooo stressful. Oh my gosh. So J. had had had to be
at church before the santa cena or else her date would fall again so we
went and got her super early. R. and E. with their van came
to pick us up. When they pulled up there were like 15 people in the car
already, and then our other investigators F. and M.(R.s cousins) jumped in too. We were like flying down the mountain with 19
people in this van but thank goodness we made it in time. Little E and J. passed the sacrament this week. Nothing is better than your
converts passing the sacrament to you. It literally was one of the happiest moments of my mission.

 Yesterday evening it started pouring and lightning and thundering and all of our lessons fell through so we went to M and R.A.s house to ask for references but R wasn't there so we couldn't go inside so we sat outside under their awning thing and ate cake and ice cream while we waited for it to stop. Then we went to dinner at R.'s and at the end they were talking about how they can make sure their kids stay in the church and asked us for advice. Bueno, no tengo hijos
> pero..(I don't have children, but...)..I just told them about my parents and how my parents were such good examples and our house was always centered in Christ. We always had family
scriptures and prayer and I always always knew my parents had testimonies, we read 2 nefi 25: 26 and heleman 5:12 and mostly just got to talk about how awesome our parents are. It was amazing. They wanted me to tell you guys thank you for being such good parents and supporting me and encouraging me to go on a mission because without you guys I wouldn't have been here to teach and baptize their whole entire family. It made me realize even more how lucky I am to be a member and to have such an amazing family. Hna bailey and I talk daily about how lucky we are to have such amazing parents and families. Thank you guys so much for all the love and support and for raising me in this gospel. Thank you for allowing me to serve this mission to not only absolutely change my life but change other families lives too. I love you guys so much and miss you guys more than anything but nothing is better than serving the Lord. love you all!

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