Monday, July 28, 2014

Sassy as always

Hola familia! como estas? 
Soooooo HAPPY 6 MONTHS TO ME!!!!! wohooo. See you all in a year! I seriously cant believe how fast time has gone. It is actually kinda scary. So last Monday we were at pday and the zone leaders walked in and said there is a a guy in their ward in Mariscal, which is in our same stake here that just got home from his mission from the the same mission as Madi....and that knows her too.. His name is Elder Matos or something and I wanna talk to him but I have yet to meet him.

Anyway,  hna bailey and I discovered yesterday that the garden of eden is actually in north america somewhere....I never knew that. Also apparently I look like this girl on Ephraims journey, the poineer movie, that dies. Literally everyone tells me that. They also tell me that I have an accent when I speak English. Not like a peruvian accent, like an arizonian accent. I don't really know but my whole zone says I talk different because I'm from Arizona. 

Last Tuesday we had intercombios and an hna named hna Alonso from paraguay was my comp for the day. except I had a really bad fever so hna douglas made my stay in. Well actually I just took a nap for an hour and then we went out and worked but hna douglas doesn't know that. They are seriously so strict with health here. Like insane and always make people stay in (Thank You Sister Douglas!!). But I felt fine so we left after a little. R.s sister is living with them for a little over a month so we started teaching her and she is awesome. Seriously, R.s family was just like a jackpot. Their whole entire family is just gold.  Wednesday night we were visiting this menos activo family who are really awesome. The lessons went really well and we went to leave and apparently there was a step down that I didn't see and I just like flew into this mountain of dirt. It was so embarrassing and so funny but it hurt so bad. For a good 3 hours I thought my ankle was broken but I think I was just being dramatic or something. 

Thursday we did service with the hnas in Garcilazo. Hna quist and hna wilkins the other gringa companionship. We helped this abuelita garden and it was so fun. Probably my favorite people here are the grandmas. not the mamitas but the normal abuelitas. They are so funny and I don't know why but they love me. They always pet me like I'm an animal and hug me and call me, mamacita linda. Hahha, but i think I'm okay with it.  Sunday R.s husband E blessed the sacrament!!!  I wasn't even expecting it and I didn't even know he was that high in the priesthood already.  It was the best and might have shed a tear or two. 

During consejo Sunday I was just so mad. Everyone was being so annoying and it was so hot in the office and I was starving.  The new elders quorum president kept making fun of our accents and then when we were talking about how J. is getting baptized Saturday he kept asking why we weren't baptizing men who can get the priesthood. I mean that would be ideal. Actually it would be ideal to baptize families but sometimes you can't have everything you want. So he said the same thing again and I just look at him and I was like, "well then do you have a man that we can baptize?"  I didn't mean it harshly but apparently it was really harsh and everyone just lost it.  Like the relief society president was crying she was laughing so hard. Well the good part is that he didn't say anything after that but I sorta felt bad.   Well actually not really at all because he deserved it but I do a little. Anyway, we are really struggling to find new investigators so please pray for us and the area.  We are working so hard and I seriously love the mission so so much. but we definitely need all the prayers we can get. I know ayacucho has so much potential but we need the Lords help. Oh ya and J. is getting baptized this Saturday and we are so so so excited. Today we are also fasting with J and D so that D's spouse will soften his heart and get married so D can be baptized.  I mean he wants to get married but he just wants to wait and D. seriously can't wait to be baptized.  We have some great investigators right now who really are chosen and prepared by God. anyway, all is great here. see you in a year!!! 

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