Monday, August 4, 2014

Playing with Fire

August 4, 2014

Hello family! I seriously can't believe how fast these weeks go. They
literally fly fly by! So last Monday for pday all the hnas celebrated hna
Guzmans birthday and we played this really fun game with matches. So you
sit in a circle and light a match and then pass it around the circle while
whoever it goes out on the person that past it to them gets to draw on their face. So of course I lose literally every single time and so everyone got to draw on my face. Not to mention it was a super intense game and I might have thrown the match a few times and
almost lit the house on fire. But that's ok because the house stands and
everyone is still alive.

Tuesday I had intercombios with hna quist!!
It was so much fun and I learned so so so much. She is so amazing
and seriously knows how to teach. So we had to go get some papers from her
bishop and we go to get in this moto and I look at the guy and I was like,
"uh, I think he's drunk but hna Quist didn't hear me so we just got in and
after like 30 seconds I was like.....ya I think he's drunk so it was pretty
much the scariest ride of our lives and finally we just made him stop and
we got out and then he sat in the middle of the intersection for a solid
minute and just watched us walk away. hahaha! That night at like 2 am I woke up to
Hermana Quist screaming that there was a huge spider above her and she literally
jumped out of bed and was running around and after like a minute she
realized it was just a dream. ahahaha, The weirdest things happen on

Friday morning we went to buy toilet paper at the tienda next
to our house right before weekly planning and we came back and realized we
didn't bring the keys to our house and nobody was home. The doors are metal
here so there is absolutely no way to break in. Anyway, so after a while of
devising a plan to break in we finally said a prayer and then went to the
tienda and asked the mamita if she had a ladder we could borrow.  She
brings out this wooden ladder that was so sketchy but we used it and I
climbed over our balcony and got in!!

That night was the baptism of J!! It was so awesome and like everyone in her whole family came.Even five of our investigators!! She cried and cried during her testimony
and just said how happy she is. She is the cutest! Sunday we basically
spent just doing service and it was so fun! We went to visit Jy. the 17
year old girl we just rescued and we just ended up sharing a scripture and
helping her peal garlic cloves for a while and it was just so much fun to
talk to her and help her. I mean, my hands still smell like garlic but
that's ok.

Then we went to dinner at this less actives house. I mean she
comes sometimes but not consistently. So we got there and she wasn't
ready so we went to her room and did her laundry and hung it all up and
just got to look at the stars and the moon and how pretty the world  is.
Seriously, there is nothing like sitting on the roof of an adobe house in
Peru at night and just stare at all of God's creations. Especially in
Ayacucho where it is so so so pretty! After that we had a lesson with her and
she said she realized at church today how much she felt the spirit and how
much she wants to come back. I love this work so much and I'm so grateful
for the opportunity to be doing the Lord's work! I love you all so much. See
you in 11 months and 23 days! p.s. 141 days till Christmas and we

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