Thursday, August 21, 2014

Last Week With Hermana Bailey

Hello everyone! This transfer has absolutely flown by. I seriously can't
 even believe we have transfers on Saturday. So, sadly I will be transferred and 
I'm just really, really, really sad and really excited all at the same
 time. I seriously don't want any other comp besides hna Bailey because she
 is the best and we just have the funnest time. It's going to be so sad to leave
 my ward here too. But I am so excited to not have to walk up mountains
 everyday. That'll be a good day. Anyway. So in a week from now I'll probably
 be preaching somewhere on the coast of Peru or something. Oh, so that means
 p-day isn't until like Tuesday or Wednesday next week...I don't know yet.
 Anyway, we have been struggling so much to find new investigators and it
 has just been so frustrating, but we do have 4 people with baptism dates and
 we are super excited for them all. F. is getting baptized this Saturday.
 She is the cousin of Ry. and is 18 and just has the strongest
 testimony. She's really great. And the rest will get baptized after I leave.
 I'm so sad to leave them. I love them all so much. 
 Anyway, Tuesday we were just walking down the street and look over at this like 5 year old boy licking the dirt. Like literally licking the dirt. It was 
disgusting. We were like ohhhh, poor little boy. His mom probably doesn't feed 
him and then we thought about it a little longer and maybe dirt would be better 
than some of the food here. It's like kinda good but then they give you a
 mountain and after every meal you just want to barf. Anyway, one of our new
 investigators R. noticed how torn up our shoes are and gave us some
 leather Peruvian grandma shoes. I mean the are probably really expensive,
 like 30 soles or something so that was super nice of her. But don't worry, our
 shoes aren't that bad. 
 Sunday we got to speak in church. again. woooohoo. When we were sitting on
 the stand we noticed people dressed like Jesus in the back. It turns out some
 Israelitas missionaries decided to come check out the Mormons. They stayed for 

all three hours and really actually it 
just stressed me out because they just 
really liked to participate and I didn't 
want our investigators to get any wrong 
ideas. So anyway, we are working so so so hard and not seeing a ton of progress 
and some days we just walk and walk and 
walk and walk but we love it so much. 
It's so fun sharing this gospel and 
getting to teach people this amazing 
message. Nothing is better. Absolutely 
nothing is better and I'm the luckiest person to be able to be a missionary and a 
representative of Jesus Christ. I love you all. Have a great week!
 p.s. we decided to take comp pictures 
because we only have a week left together.

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