Monday, October 13, 2014

Meeting With El Presidente

I don't know why I always wait till the end to write. It's a horrid habit. So the happenings of this week have made me really happy. Wednesday morning when we were in district meeting the assistants called and said that president wanted to interview me and my comp in Lima that day so we ran out and jumped in a bus and went to Lima! 
We got there and first my zone leaders parents were in the office. The Cajo's. They live in peru and they started talking to me about the elder in their ward, elder Mccalister. and I was like like, "wait, what mission are you in?"  And they said lima oeste and I was like, "he is totally in my ward and his dad is my bishop."  And they freaked out because they communicate with bishop all the time. So then elder Cajo's mom was showing me all these pictures with corbin Mccallister and then we took a pic together. hahaha. They were great.
Then I asked the matrimonio missionaries (senior couple, the Lunds from Mesa) about you guys and they said that have been that ward for like 30 years! So weird. I showed them a pic of our family and they said you kinda looked familiar. Also, dad, elder sharp was in the mission office too and we made the connection that you met his sister with sister tingey at church. Sooo weird! The world is so small. Then I asked about my package from you that the Shills brought and they said that the suitcase had gotten lost in Georgia but it was coming and when it came they would send me my package but right then someone buzzed the door thingy and in came the suitcase from the Shills. So we opened it up and got my package out and it was the best day ever!
Then president came out and said he was ready for the interview with just me. I went in and didn't come out till an hour and a half later.  Best hour and a half of my life. Every missionary would die for a long interview with president and I got one.  He said so much and I learned SO much. All I know is by the end we were both crying and he looked at me and he said, "I know this is so hard for you but I love what you are going through. This six weeks of your mission will change your life!" ahhh it was amazing! So then my comp went in and everything was great. Anyway, we left lima at like 7 at night and didn't get back till late. We were both really happy leaving and this week has been so much better. We have being teaching with unity and feeling the spirit so much more.
The next day after the interview we taught 4 new investigators who are all so ready and chosen. It was a miracle. Friday hna moir and del rosario called me and said they were doing everything possible to get me to cañete to see the conference in ingles. So the plan was approved because president said I could do intercambios whenever I need to and I have been in cañnete with hna moir since saturday!!! We watched a lot of conference talks and felt the spirit a lot and laughed a lot. Best weekend ever.
We are all going to mala as a zone right now for pday to go to the beach and I'm so excited. Trust in God. He hears our prayers and carries our burdens. And the mission is for EVERYONE! I love you all! Hermana Rush

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