Monday, October 20, 2014

Beach Therapy

Hi family! Just another week out here in Mala. la buena. So last week I was super optimistic writing you guys but I think it's because I was on an intercambio with hna moir still...because then I went back to reality... and reality hit hard. But I'm learning sooo much so I think I'll survive. 4 more weeks.
Anyway, last Monday we went to the beach and it was sooooo fun! And so sunny! It's finally summer here in Mala and I love it! I don't know why but we played this game with eggs and everyone was covered in eggs at the end, except me because my comp didn't want to play so I didn't have a partner. Anyway, the whole zone started chasing me with the eggs and I just started running as fast as I could. If you can imagine, like my whole zone running down the beach throwing eggs at me. I didn't  really know what was happening, but we are in peru so whatever. Anyway, all I know is that the next three days my legs were soooooo sore. It was embarrassing. I guess I should exercise more in the mornings and not just do sit ups in my bed....
So I've been trying so hard to serve my comp lately. The other day we were looking at a map of South American and she was so confused because she couldn't find Mexico or the United States. hahahhaa. So today we are printing out a world map and learning geography. But anyway, I'm really trying to help her learn.
I'm just going to tell you about three families we are teaching right now. D. and J and their daughter B. are the best! I love them so much. They are so willing to learn and grow and I think they could be baptized real soon but they aren't married so we have to work with them on that. Also we were teaching them the other day and the chair I was sitting in literally just fell apart. And I'm pretty sure they got a shot of my garments hahaha but we conveniently used the broken chair to explain the apostasy.
Next is E. and V. and their daughter T.. We found them when we were doing service in a members pharmacy. The mom works there and we just started teaching her and her co worker one day and now we are teaching the whole family. They are seriously gold. Well I'm pretty sure. They just have to get married and then they are set.

E. and J...they contacted us on Saturday actually. The dad is menos acitvo and the mom isn't a member and they have a little baby too. Anyway, they came to all three hours of church yesterday and I was really suprised and so happy! So pray for our couples because we really really want them to marry and get baptized. Also, V.'s husband came to town yesterday and so we will see if he's going to let her get baptized. ugggh. Pray for her please.
Probably one of the most exhilirating parts of the mission is when you find out you are giving a 15 minute talk when they announce it over the pulpit. It really is actually kinda fun. Hahaha, I don't know why but it gives me such a rush. So I was reading in 2 nefi 5 today about the pueblo of nefi and how they all wanted him to be king because he is the greatest, but how he didn't want to and how he just wanted to help the people and be their teacher. I think a good leader isn't someone who wants control, but wants to help the people and more than anything teach them. I don't know, just my thoughts from the morning. Well I love you all and hope you are all doing great. Have a good week! Hermana Rush

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