Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mercy Exchanges

Hi family! I realized this past week that more people than just our family read this email so I should say more like inspirational things and not talk about how it's hard, but oh well. Asi es la vida. So this past week, we had interviews with president. Like, president came to interview everyone in the zone. And at the end he told me that I couldn't go back to my area and that I needed to go on an intercambio (exchange) with hna Del Rosario's comp. So president told me that the intercambio would be like Tuesday to Thursday but Wednesday night we got a text from president that we had to be in the intercambio till monday, today! Well long story short, I had the best week ever working sooooo hard with hna Saucedo. It seriously was the best. 

But anyway, this past week we were looking at our goals and realized that that day we had to have five lessons with investigators with a member in the lesson in order for us to reach a goal for that week. We worked so hard. ahhhh. We did everything we could to have our five lessons with members that day and some of our investigators bailed and some of our members bailed but at the end of the day we had our 5 lessons with members and we taught 3 new investigators, and yesterday we had 10 investigators in church. We were so tired by the end of this week but if we have faith and do our part everything will work out.  So anyway, I get to church Sunday (in hna Del Rosarios branch here) and they announce who was going to be speaking. Turns out it was me. hahhaha. Two weeks in a row. But I really do love it. It's so fun! 

Any ideas on how to stop talking in my sleep? It's an issue. But at least I'm inviting people to be baptized in Spanish. hahaha. I just feel bad for my comps. 

We took a lot of pics this week but the computer won't read my camera so I'll send them next week. HAPPY 9 MONTHS TOO ME! HUMP DAY! But actually it makes me really sad and I don't want to come home. Anyway, I love you all. have a good week! 

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