Monday, November 3, 2014

Spigot Shower

Hi family! So finally I can officially say that I'm over half way done with my mission. And it makes me really sad. I just feel like I have sooooo much more to do, learn, become and it can't be half way over. I remember when Madi had nine months, last Christmas, right before I left on my mission. I thought she was so old in the mission and practically almost done. And now she's home. que miedo. wellllll.

Update from Mala la buena. hmmm. Good news from the week: I'M ALIVE. and also R. passed her baptismal interview!!! I actually don't know if I've ever told you about R. Anyway, she's the greatest. Single mom of two little girls, has 23 years and lives in a wooden tied together house. She's great. Anyway, this week she had her baptism interview and she passed and Elder Rivera (district leader) said that she has a strong testimony and ready to go. Except she has to have another interview with President because of some past things. But we are so excited for her baptism!! I think it will be the 15th of November but we aren't exactly sure. Also, V., one of our investigators, really wants to be baptized but can't because he's not married but his wife doesn't want to. So please pray for him because he's like a 60 year old man that wants to be baptized. V. and E. and T. came to church! Wooohooo. They have so many questions that are actually really deep hard questions but it just shows that they are really thinking about it, right? Anyway, they accepted baptism. Now the only problem is, we have to get them married first. So it might be a while. We have so many investigators right now but I feel like none of them are progressing like they should be because none are married. So pray for my little pueblo, Mala.
Rush and Alvarez

On Sunday I was eating lunch and my comp went out onto our patio and just starts hysterically laughing and I look out and our spigot thingy where we wash dishes and do practically everything was spraying water EVERYWHERE. She had broken it off and it was like a, I don't even know, a waterfall. And she was just standing there. and our duena was freaking out so I just sacrificed myself and went in and stuck my finger in the hole. I was soaking wet. soaking wet. And I had to stand there with my finger in the hole until our branch president came and fixed it. hahaha. So that's the mission for ya.

Last night we went to pick up a member to accompany us and they have like a really, really nice house and they had a Christmas tree up and decorated and I almost shed a tear. Also, now that it's November and there is no Thanksgiving here and there are no rules on when you can start listening to Christmas music, Josh Groban Christmas hymns allllll day. I think my comp hates it but oh well. Anyway, I had some really cool experiences with prayer this week. Pray, HE IS THERE. Speak, he IS listening. We are his children. I love you all so very much! 
With Hermana Saucedo on Exchanges

pics from the cemetary with hna Saucedo. just doin a little historia familiar

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