Thursday, November 13, 2014

One Week Till Transfers

Hi family! Welp, survived another week. BARELY....  Anyway, experience of the week. We went to teach this girl we contacted on the street. We took a recent convert of the elders, E. We started teaching and this investigator girl just started talking and talking about how much she hates life and how she sees spirits and a giant black god of 2 meters and how sometimes late at night she just starts running to this really scary dangerous area right outside of mala and also how one time she started cutting her hands off but then her mom caught her and they went to the hospital and how she carved words into her legs with a knife and I was sitting there like, get me the heck out of here and I was looking at the member like, do you wanna run because I’m about to........ so my comp was just trying to counsel her and was like, "here read the folleto pray and maybe you’ll feel better”  which was good. So finnnnnally we left and me and the member look at eachother and we were both like, never ever again are we going back there and my comp was like, WHAT? Why not? 
P-day at the beach

And i just remembered....cambios are in one week. which means that next Monday i won’t be writing. It’ll Tuesday or Wednesday. 

So anyway, R. had her baptism interview with President and all is good.  She just has to go to church all three hours 2 more times before she can get baptized. Her baptism will be at the earliest the 29th of Nov. woohoo. Anyway, we are leaving investigators like crazy because they aren"t progressing and we are trying to find new ones like crazy. Good fav pension K. ISN’T MOVING TO TRUJILLO!!! wohooooo. She prayed about it and decided she needed to go on a mission after all and not marry her boyfriend. I’m so happy. So now she’s here to accompany us and I love it! Well great things are beginning to happen here in mala. I love you all!  

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