Monday, November 17, 2014

New Comp

Come what may and love it. You just have to love everything the Lord sends your way because only He knows why. So yes I'm still and Mala and yes I got a new comp!!!! Her name is hna trejo and she is from Honduras. She was here in the mission for 7 months and then she had to go come for four months because she had a medical problem  and then came back to be my companion. She is super great and so ready to get back to work. 

 So this last week was crazy and we were hardly in our area. Tuesday we went to cañete for district meeting and I had to say bye to hna Moir and it was really sad. Wednesday me and hna Alvarez had to go to Lima to go to the dentist because her mouth hurt and was soooooo swollen so we go to the dentist and they said that she needed to take out her wisdom teeth so we had to come back Friday and stay till Saturday. So Friday we came back and they took out her wisdom teeth and then we went to a hotel and everyone there was American and I just felt really awkward and didn't want to be there. Saturday we went back to Mala but couldn't work because she wasn't allowed to walk for two days or something dumb like that. Saturday night we got cambio calls!!!! wohoooo. So I stayed and she went to San Juan. She was really sad because she thought she was going to stay and direct the area and train. but she didn't. 

Sunday we had a training in cañete with all of our ward counsel so alll day we were in cañnete and at like 9  we got back. Monday morning we went to the office to drop her off and pick up my comp but when we got there at 10 in the morning they told me that my comp was flying in from Honduras and wasnt going to get there until Hermana Saucedo was there too because she is training and waiting to pick up her baby so I called hermana Douglas and she gave us permission to go get my haircut and buy shoes!!! So we left and went to this really nice salon than hna douglas goes to and they washed my hair and cut it and dried it. All for 16 dollars. Best day ever. Then we went shopping to find shoes but we didn't find anything. It was so much fun. except the assistants were really mad at us because they wanted us to go proselyte in San Juan but hna Douglas let us go shopping. It was the best. 

While I was waiting for my comp to get there hna Moir and hna Jameson, hna Quist, hna Del Rosario, hna Holbrook and their whole group walked in from the final training before they went home and we sat in the conference room and cried. It was so sad. Actually they all sat there nervous and excited and I cried because I'm going to miss them so much. 

Last night late we left from Lima and got to MaLa at like 10. I'm really really excited to work with hna Trejo this transfer. We know we are together to work together along with the Spirit to find everyone here that God has prepared for us. This transfer is going to be great. Also she ballroom dances and her partner was in the same mission as Madi and they finished the same day. Elder Hernandez. anyway, that's all. Have  a good week. LOVE YOU ALL!  

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