Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy December!

Hhhhola. Hi family! First off HAPPY DECEMBER! Where has the time gone? Also HAPPY 10 MONTHS TO ME!!!! wohoooo and also HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMMYY!! So this week was real interesting.  Our numbers were horrible this week but we had a few really cool things happen and a few not so cool things happen too. R., our investigator who we are marrying and who has a baptism date for the 20 of December got arrested this past week. She started working in her sisters bar and collecting money and some guys tried to rob her and there was a mix up and I'm not even sure what happened but she's in jail. And it's really sad so pray for R. so she can be set free so she can get married and baptized. Also Ro isn't getting baptized this week because she didn't come to church yesterday and we are little stressed out and don't really know what to do with her. ugh. 

But anyway, we had an experience this week that was really cool. We were supposed to go with the president de hombres jovenes, L., to visit a less active kid in our branch but last minute the lady in our branch that was going to go with us canceled.  We called L. F. to cancel and tell him not to come because we didn't have a woman with us, but he had left his phone at work and so we couldn't contact him. So we panicked and called this like 80 year old woman in our branch to accompany us but the problem was that she can't see very well at night but like it didn't really matter at this point because we just needed a woman. So we went and picked her up and went to the plaza where we were waiting for L. but he wasn't there. So we waited and waited and waited and finally after like 15 minutes he showed up with the less active boy with him. He said that he felt like he needed to hike up the mountain and bring him down to us for some reason and it worked out so great because the 80 year old member with us couldn't have hiked up there. I know it doesn't really makes sense but everything worked out perfectly and it was literally a miracle. 

Yesterday we had conferencia de districto in cañete. It's like stake conference but for district because we aren't a stake yet.  President Douglas is the district president so he came and spoke and it was fabulous. But anyway, we had to travel to cañete with our whole branch yesterday for the conference and it was really sad because we had NO investigators to go with us. NONE. And we were freaking out a little and while we were waiting outside the church for the bus there was this man talking on the phone outside of the church and literally at the exact same time me and my comp started talking to him. and basically what happened was I was like, "hi, we are missionaries of this church right here and we are going to a really special conference right now in cañete, wanna come?"  And he was like, "ya sure." haha.  So he got on the bus and while we were on the bus we taught him the restauracion lesson and he really liked the conference and like will probs gets baptzied but he's in the area of the Elders. But that's okay because I just have to remember that we are all part of the same team. So we got home in the afternoon yesterday from the conf. and I wasn't feeling very well. And then I got a really really bad fever and I was running to the bathroom like every 5 minutes and throwing up in the shower at the same time. But these are the experiences from the mission that are the best. And I feel fine today so it's all good. But anyway, I love you all! Have a good week! Hermana Savanna Rush

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