Monday, December 8, 2014

Mala La Buena

 Buuuuenas dias familia! Great things happening in Mala! Mala la buena! So this past week we had to go to Cañete 5 times. 5 times I tell you. It was horrible and we lost so much time but that's okay. We had a multizona this week and it was amazing. President is the most amazing person ever and hna douglas too. I learned soooo much! Also hna douglas brought me a huge fluffy pillow (bc I have neck problems) and now I sleep like a baby so that's good.

We have been searching for our recent rescue named P. She hadn't come to church in like 3 weeks and she was neever home when we went by. This week we went and found out she started working in we showed up to her house hoping to teach her and there were people waiting outside waiting for her to Leer sus cartas which is like tell their fortune. hahahaha. AHHHHHH. I'm really sad because she was awesome. Also, R. got out of jail but her sister in law is still in jail and if she gets charged she will be there for 25 years. She has two little kids and a husband that really need her so pray for her please. All is going well for the wedding preparations for R. Just pray that we can find the Partido of her husband.

President, on the way to the multi zone, stopped at a gas station in mala. He gave us a reference of a lady that worked there named C. So we went and searched for her this week and she is soooo ready and prepared. She was just like, I want to change, help me change. She is single and has like 4 kids so we are really excited to work with them. Pray that she can get work off sundays!

 This week we really focused on teaching the doctrine of Christ and the atonement in every single lesson and it worked miracles. We are seeing so many people progress and had so much success this week. Our liders de zona called us this morning to congratulate us that we had the highest numbers in the zone this past week. wooohooo. I mean, numbers aren't everything but they help us track our progress. Just remember that baptism doesnt bring salvation. Perservering does. In the end, it's the things we do day to day that are going to help us gain salvacion. Reading every single day, praying in every moment, renewing our convenances every week and going to the temple as much as possible. That's what saves us. I love you all! have a good week! Hermana Rush

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