Monday, December 15, 2014

Goodbye Mala

Hi family! Well this week was a little crazy with a lot of traveling, so we didn't get to work a lot in our area. But on Monday we went and contacted a reference that the Elders gave us. Her name is H. We went and taught her and she is seriously amazing. We just taught her the doctrine and our purpose as missionaries and we committed her to be baptized within like 15 minutes. Also, she came to church yesterday for all three hours and she said that she is so excited to keep learning more. Also, the man we contacted outside of the capilla that went with us to stake conference in CaƱete, is being taughtt by the elders and he has a baptism date too. Woohooo! Even though I'm a little sad he's not our investigator, I'm so happy for the elders! 

We have been searching for our inves. J. for a while. We haven't been able to find her recently. So we were on our way back from Lima this week and we were in the cambi to Mala and I looked at the girl next to my comp and it was Jenny! I was so happy that we finally found her and were able to talk to her. This past week we had an intercambio with Hna Del Rosario and it was so great and just really sad because she goes home today....wahhhh my mom is dying today. I'm actually really really sad but she's been in the mission for 19 months so it's time for her to go home. Anyway, this week I have learned a lot of patience and to rely on the Lord a lot! Strength isn't something you have, it's something you find. Something you can only find through the Lord. Anyway, I love you all. Sorry this is short. Have a good week! Love, Hermana Rush

p.s. I'm getting transferred today. President called this morning and said that I'm going to lima. wuuuut? (They put her in Lima to get medical attention for neck pain etc that she is having.) I don't know where or with who but I do know that Hna Turley (Her cousin's cousin who is also from Mesa/Mountain View HS) is in Lima so we will get to be together for the Christmas Multizona. wohoo. I'm really really really gonnna miss Mala though. 

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