Monday, January 19, 2015

Chicles and Inca Cola

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Hey family, I love you a lot. So, this week has been pretty good. Just a few things from this week because I don't have a lot time but this week we were in a store buying chicles and inca kola and there was like this 20 year old kid in there too buying stuff and he was smoking. So I turned to my companions and I said in English, "ew why is he smoking inside?", and to my horror he spoke english! I almost died. he looked at me and was like, where are you from? Apparently I went to Australia for a little while and learned English there and then came back. Long story short. Don't talk bad about people in another language because it just happens that they speak that language too. 

So J. and C. came to church again and they are so great but aren't like super committed to getting married . so we are working so hard with them. Also Z. is all ready to be baptized this week but we think she needs a little more time so I think we are going to push it back a week which I think will be better. I don't want to baptize someone that's going to go inactive after a month. So in the Lima Peru South Mission to baptize someone they have to have all the 5 lessons and have to attend church 3 times all 3 hours which is a lot different than some missions. Some missions can baptize after 1 time going to church or only after two. If that was my mission, I can tell you that I would have baptized a whole ton of people and I'm sure all of them would be inactive. The 3 Sundays for 3 hours is hard but it really makes sure that they are ready and committed. Anyway, I love you all sooooo much! Have a good week. hna rush 

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