Monday, January 12, 2015

No Comprende English

Hola familia. Just another casi perfecto semana in San Juan. Casi perfect because it always could be better and it always could be worse....right?? Well to tell you all the truth not like a lot happened this week. Sat in the mission office a few times this week because Hna Bailey had to go to immigrations, went to the chiropractor a few times this week, put a few fechas this week, spoke in church, taught lots of lessons, walked TO CHINA AND BACK....or so it felt like it. But anyway, when we were in the mission office the other day this brand new missionary who is Latino but from D.C. came up to me and was talking to me in English but I was having the hardest time understanding him. After a while I figured out that he was asking me if I was Elder (Austin) Thornton's friend. I guess Austin Thornton was serving in his ward in D.C. when he left on his mission. The world is so small. 
The New Trio In Lima
Hermanas Rush and Turley (cousin's cousin)
But anyway, Miracle of the Week.  We haven't been able to find Our couple C. and J for the 1.5 weeks. Like We pass by their house a few times a week and they were never home. So we were really discouraged and sad because they are so great and Sunday we walked in the chapel and there they were, sitting on the third row!! We were sooooo happy!! Turns out they were out of town or something. So we are going to keep teaching them and hopefully put a marriage date and baptism date! Z. is progressing so well! Oh I love her so much. She has all the church attendances she needs to be baptized she just faults a few lessons and her interview. Hopefully she will be baptized the 24th! We have a few others with fechas right now but they have to get married first and so we are trying to figure that out first. Their names are Ci. and M. Actually M is a member less active so we are rescuing him and gonna baptize Ci! The ward is working so hard to motivate them to get married. Something I love about his ward is that they actually go out and work. Like last night we went to teach Ci and M and the Elders Quorum was already there teaching Miguel. It's really the biggest blessing to have a functioning ward. 
Saying Goodbye In Mala

Mamasita Mala

Recent Happenings in the mission:
1. On Christmas eve we had a big dinner in the stake center and the cooks broke the key in the gas to the stove and so when we came in the next day the whole building was filled with gas....what a nightmare. I'm just happy none of the fireworks hit the building or else it would have blown up. So the area presidency was really really mad and president was really really mad and it was just a horrible mess. 
2.  When I was in the office this past week I had to sign my "i finish in six months and i give my rights to the mission to end my visa" paper.  It took like 15 minutes to sign it because it made me feel a little nauseous
3. We found out who our new mission president is, I cant' remember his name but he is my comp, Hna Baileys, Bishop!!!!!! crazy right??? 

Well, that's all for this week. I love you all so very much. Read the book of Mormon because its amazing. Trust in God because he loves you. Live the commandments because God gave them to us so that we can be happy. And ultimately it just comes down to the choices you make. Make good choices. 

I love you all!!!!
hna rush 

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