Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Feliz 2015!

Feliz 2015!! Wohooo! I know I say this like every single week but I really can't believe how fast time has gone. I feel like 2014 went by so fast but yet sooo much has happened. 
Year Overview:
*Went through the temple
*Turned 19
*Left on my mission to Peru Lima south
*Was in the ccm for the best 6 weeks ever where I was supposed to be learning spanish.errrrr
*Went to Ayacucho with hna del rosario and we baptized V, J and W
*Got insanely sick and constipated and had to take an emergency trip to Lima to have a tube put up my intestines. 
*Hna Mendez came and we baptized all of R's family 
*Then hna Mendez got really sick and got emergency transferred
*Got Hna bailey as my comp and 7 weeks of doing really dumb things (two greenie gringas), but yet being missionarios..baptizing J and F
*Transferred to Mala and being in the trio with hna Zarate and Alvarez
*Madi got home from her mission and hna Zarate got transfered the same day.....enough said. 
*Hna Trejo came back from Honduras to be my comp (had been home for 4 months for medical reasons)
*Walking the sand dunes of Mala every single day for 4 months...right when we had people progressing I got transferred. great. (Sent to Lima to receive treatment for neck and back pain)
*Emergency transferred to San Juan to go to the chiropractor 3 times a week who is a a chubby red haired chiropractor from San francisco who tries to be Peruvian and kiss me every time. Ya, no gracias.  
*And now training hna Bailey (different Bailey)!! 
This year has been the best year of my entire life but really I think it has been the best because it has been the hardest and most unexpected year of my life doing things that I have never done before. Like going to the bathroom in a hole or teaching while sitting in the dirt daily or helping people wash their clothes by hand all Saturday mornings so they can go to church Sunday or learning Spanish and finally after 11 months feeling like I'm fluent or having bed bugs, but mostly helping people come to know Christ and being able to share my testimony that I know that he lives and that through him we can live again. 

Mission Christmas Dinner.
What is the brown thing on her plate??
On another note...this week we started teaching a deaf family of 5 and it's really hard  because I don't remember sign language (from 4th grade).   Also, J. and Z. have baptism dates for the 24th of January and we are so excited!!! wohooo. Also, one of Madi's mission comps lives here in Lima and keeps asking the missionaries where I am so she can come find me. Anyway, I love you all and I'm so happy to be a missionary and a representative of Jesus Christ. Have a good week! Hermana Rush
Skype Christmas 2014

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  1. hello sister rush, I misses life to thank you did for me, you changed my life with your testimony and your faith, I am someone new, so I admire you, I admire you for what you did for me, it's a shame that can not thank you you have done for me, as I find some means to hacerlo.ojala that day comes, agradesco god, jesus and who made atodos see the truth, and especially to you savanna sister rush. take good care and that everything you propose you out bien.cuidate.adios