Monday, January 26, 2015

En Engles Por Favor

 Dear Family,
> I think im having a panic attack because
> 1. This week (tomorrow) I turn 20 years old. 
> and
> 2. Thursday I complete 1 whole entire year in the mission. 
> Why does time have to go soooooo fast????? 
 Well, this week was so crazy. 
 Tuesday we went to the temple with one of our recent rescues!! Okay so going to the temple just means that we go with the hermanas of family history and with our recent converts or recent rescues and they go in and do baptisms for the family members that they searched for and found and we wait outside for them. It's kinda dumb that we can't go in but it's because they are busy and there is no room, that's good I guess. So while we were waiting first I saw a member from my ward in A
The Trio-Rush, Bailey & Chavez
yacucho and then in walks K.!! My pensionista from Mala!! oh man I love her!! She updated me on everything in Mala and remember the story about the man we contacted outside of the church building right before leaving for stake conference in Cañete and he came an hour with us to Cañete and I taught him The Restoration on the bus so he had some idea of what was going on? HE GOT BAPTIZED LAST WEEK!!! He was from the elders area and they have been teaching him and he got baptized!! I was soooo happy! He asked the Elders if I was going to be able to come back for his baptism...and they were just like....ohh ya maybe. hahha. But A. is the greatest. So also this week all trainers and Hna leaders and zone leaders had a training with President and some how I got called on to bear my testimony as we were waiting for President to get there and then when we started they called on me to give the prayer too and so I get up there and the Assistants were like, "in English." Ohhh man! I stumbled through the worst prayer I have ever said in my entire life, literally. It sounded so stupid and then when I was walking off the stand President says super loud for everyone to hear, "Obviously you aren't practicing enough English Hna Rush." AHHHH soooooo embarrassing. Saturday night I had to go with two Hnas to San Isidro because an Hermana went home and President was going to take her to the airport at 5 in the morning. I had to go to be with the other hna so she would have a comp. So we wake up at 4:30 and meet President outside and he was like, "please go back to sleep and sleep for a long time, NO HAY LIMITES!!" wohoooo!!!!! So we slept in until 8:30 and then got up and came to san juan and went to church and all was good. Anyway, Z. needed a little more time but she is for sure getting baptized the 7th of Feb. C. and J. are progressing so much but don't want to get married.  But we taught about the temple last night and they were amazed. I think that's wha'ts going to help motivate them. We have other invest. that are progressing really well and I will tell you about them next week. Also, Hna Chavez just found out she has emergency transfers to Ayacucho so she is leaving tonight and we are really sad. Well I love you all. Have a good week!  Hermana Rush

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