Monday, February 2, 2015

THE Haircut

Dear Family,

My birthday was great! (just like a normal day in the mission but my zone sang to me because we were at zone meeting) 

Knee repair picture with no explanation
And thank you sooooo much for the package!!!! the birthday signs were seriously so great and even dumber than ever but I loved them so much!!! and all the candy.....I just hit 6 months till skinny (the point in the mission when you realize you have eaten too much rice and need to lose some lbs. before you see your friends and family again) and then you send me allll this candy....guess I'll have to wait to start 6 weeks till skinny. 

Happy Birthday Savanna!
So last Monday Hna Chavez had emergency transfers to Ayacucho and she wanted to get her hair cut before she we went and I totally fell into peer pressure and got my hair cut too. So the stupid lady said she was going to cut of like 4 fingers worth because it was so trashed and I was like ya ya whatever.  I get up and look at it and she definitely cut off like 4 hands worth!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (she seriously did cut 15 inches off!)

Moral of the story: 
1. don't fall into peer pressure
2. don't let peruvians cut your hair 
3. when a preruvian does cut your hair really short, scoop up your hair and take it with you so she doesn't sell it 

but ya it's fine because it'll grow and it was really really really long. 

NEXT. I was in church yesterday and I totally got the anorexic talk from my pensionista. but like it was for real. She gave me this whole talk about how weight isn't a game and how I will have to go home early and how she was going to call my President if I don't eat more....and I'm just really confused because I'm like a good 15 pounds heavier than I was at home......

Hermanas Rush, Bailey and Bott
Well this week was really great because we got to go to the temple twice! Once on Thursday with 3 jovenes in our ward that we rescued, C., N., and A. (see picture) and it was super awesome. Also we went on Saturday with another rescue and guess what!!! AYACUCHO AND ICA Wards WERE THERE DOING BAPTISMS!!!! which just means that hna Bott and hna Bailey and I got to reunite after 7 months of not seeing them!! It was so great! Anyway, this week was a test of faith and A LOT of walking and walking and more walking.  We walked like our whole area 3 or 4 times a day. Z...ugh we don't know if she is getting baptized this week or not.  She still doesn't feel prepared but we have a lesson with her tomorrow after a week of her not being able to so we will see. Also another progressing investigator is Fo! He is 18 and lives with his grandma who is a member and he is seriously so great. He just understands everything so well. He should be getting baptized like the 21st so we will see. Pray for San Juan that we will be able to find families in our tiny area. We are actually teaching a new family tonight so pray that they are married and that they are prepared by God. This week was a hard one but we saw so many miracles yesterday. People bringing their non member neighbors to church  So many less actives came to church yesterday too. Such a blessing. Well I love you all! Have a good week! Hermana Rush
Hermanas Rush and Bailey.  Reunited

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