Monday, February 9, 2015


Hi fam. 

I feel like I haven't talked to you guys in a year. I don't know why this past week was sooooo long but yet it went by so fast. 

Wellll, all I can say is that it's so hot I'm melting. And yes, peoples do melt (childhood joke). It's been like 90 percent humidity and soooo sunny and we have to shower 2 times a day so we don't get moldy. 

Well this past week there was a conference for all of the Hermanas in Family History. So I don't know if you guys know, but in my mission we work a lot with family history. Practically every zone has a set of Sisters that work in family history meaning that they teach lessons and help people get names to go to the temple and we can go to the temple every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday if we have a recent convert or recent rescue to go. We are the only mission in the world that has started this and the church leaders are looking at our numbers and success rates with people staying active that go to the temple. It's incredible. So there was a big conference and somehow Hna Bailey II and I got invited and it was so fun. It was like a reunion of hermanas and hna Bott and Bailey I were there. That night hna Bott came and stayed with me and hna Bailey II and it was soooo much fun. 

Saturday the ccm came out with us!! But the best part was that my teacher from the ccm still works there, Hno Valasquez, and he was with them!! All the ccm missionaries walked in and he was like, HNA RUSH!!! ahhhh it was so great. and it was even better that I can finally speak Spanish now. He was impressed. Anyway, It was great. CCM missionaries are like so excited and ready to work so we had a lot of references and contacts. woohoo. 

Just an update on the people. I hate telling you about investigators because they come and go so fast or their dates get changed and hardly ever get baptized the date that you initially set. Anyway, Z has to work some things out and stop doing some things and wants to be really ready so her goal is to be baptized before the 21st of March which is sooo long but that's life. Also F got to church right after the Sacrament so his date is for the 28th of February now. Also we got 2 new security guards at the church who are both menos activos from like 20 years ago and they are both moving into our ward so we are rescuing them and they are sooo ready and prepared. Also, we are still working with J. and C. and a few other families that I have a lot of hope for. 

This past week I felt like we needed to go look for this reference we had so we went and she wasn't there and then I looked at the house next to hers and I saw the address and I was looking at it and I was like, that looks really familiar and then I look at my agenda and I realize that it was another reference that we had and so we knocked and she let us in and we are teaching the rest of her family this week. God works in mysterious ways leading me to a ladies house who wasn't there just to get me to look at the house next to it. hmmm interesting right?? The Spirit is so cool!! 

Well I love you all HAVE A GOOD WEEK! Love Hermana Rush

p.s. we didn't have transfers wohooo

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