Sunday, February 15, 2015

Newest Hermana Leader

Hi family. I really love you guys. 

Well this week seriously FLEW BY. 

So last Monday it was like 5pm, just a normal pday getting ready to go proselyte and the phone rings and I look at it and I was like, why the heck are the assistants I answer it and they inform me that I'm the new Sister Leader. Wut? That just means that, in the words of Madi when she was called as a sister leader, ¨say advicey things¨ and go on intercambios with the missionaries and do inspections and like be a really good example (which is harder than you would think) and go to lots of meeting. Well that's that. 

Anyway, this week we had a Multizona training and it was amazing. President is the best. The whole training we just learned how to be better teachers and how to teach lesson 1 (the restoration) better. We have started this new way of teaching where we leave chapters for them to read to prepare them for the lesson and when we get to the lesson all we do is ask inspired questions and it's just more of an interactive way of learning. It was awesome. I learned so much

That night President came to one lesson with us and we taught Z. and basically President taught the whole time but it was amazing and I learned sooo much again. Also he got Z. to accept fecha for the 28th of February! Please pray for her. please. 

Well, this week God blessed us!! It was seriously a miracle. This week we had so many lessons and we literally were running out of time to teach everyone. We found a lot of new people and everyone that we found we invited to be baptized and all of them said yes and all of them accepted baptism dates. wohoooo!! Yesterday when we were in church I was praying that O. (one of our invest. with fecha) would get there before the sacrament and I was praying and praying and right when I finished my prayer 3 families that we are teaching all walked in. Ya, O. never came but the Lord did bless us. 

F. is progressing soooo well. He is so motivated for his baptism on the 28th and told us that he wants to go on a mission!!! awwww. He is so great. 

Well I love you all soooo much! Have a great week! Hermana Rush

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